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Great Canadian History

The History Pages: These pages will focus on interesting people, places, and events that played important roles in Canadian history. But instead of covering everything we will only pick highlights of interesting figures and subjects that deserve to be better known, so that Canadians come to realize what a fascinating past we have all inherited.
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Captain James Mason, Landmark War Photographer - 1900

Telling Fakes Apart from Originals

Captain Henry Poussette, South African Constabulary - 1901  
Joe Barfoot's Games Table - 1930s  
Canadian Indian & Inuit Stone Age Tools  
Lord Cheadle's Canadian Adventure Pottery, Alberta - 1865 The Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum
The Bloody Rebel Hat of John St. John, Toronto, Ontario - 1837 Great Canadian Collections
Norman Pearson's Siberian Expedition Bugle - 1917 Great Canadian Pinback Index
Great Canadian Beavers - 1608-2007 Great Canadian Plate Index
Fort St. James, Fur Trade Post, British Columbia - 1888 Great Canadian Ceramics
Great Canadian Sheet Music - 1900 Great Canadian Fabrics
The Historical Art of JD Kelly - 1862-1858 Great Canadian Furniture
Manoir Mauvide-Genest, St.-Jean IO, Quebec - 1734 Great Canadian Houses
Great Canadian Autoharps - 1890s Great Canadian Art & Artists
Cunard Liner RMS Scythia, Halifax, Nova Scotia - 1920-1958 Great Canadian Parties
Captain Grahame's Birthday Party, Winnipeg, Manitoba - 1885 Great Canadian Musical Instruments
René Caron Georgian Desk of the Lieutenant-Governors of Quebec - 1825-1944 Great Canadian Ships
Ellen Neel Totem Pole Carver - 1916-1966 Canada's First Peoples
Captain Dillon, Canadian Sharpshooter & Volunteer - 1866-1904 Ipperwash: A Canadian Tragedy
The Quebec Tercentenary - 1908
The Sculpture & Monuments of Hamilton MacCarthy - 1846-1939 Great Canadian Fakes & Fakers
Fort Battleford, Saskatchewan - 1876 Fake Bugles
Robert & Janet Farries Portraits, Acton, Ontario - 1880  
Lord Roberts Folk Portrait, St Jacobs, Ontario - 1910  
The Lusitania Medal - 1915  
Princess Louise's Lover - 1885  
Gat Howard's Gatling Gun - 1885-1901  
Great Canadian Bugles - 1884-1918  
Battle of Lundy's Lane - 1813  
The Halifax Explosion - 1917  
Louis Riel's House, Winnipeg, Manitoba - 1885  
Flight Sgt. Joe Barfoot's Last Letter Home - 1944  
The Great Eastern Steamship - 1863  
Great Canadian Fiddles - 1880s  
Sir John Franklin's Jawbone, Victoria Island, NT - 1845  
Aboukir, Cressy, Hogue Torpedoed by U-9 - 1914  
Death of General Montgomery, Quebec - 1775  
Boer War Martini-Henry Rifle, 1896  
Lt. John McCrae, Gunner, Poet, 1901  
Lt. George E Laidlaw, 1885  
Disasters, Hamilton, Ontario, 19th century  
Great Canadian Roadkill  
Great Canadian Autographs  

Rural Canadian Artist Paul Wickson 1900

Great Historical Canadian Banjos 1958-70  
War Games 1899  
J Heath Pitchers 1840s  
Marshal Pilsudski & Poles in Canada