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Great Canadian Heritage Treasure
Mystery King of Canada
Orig. photo - Image Size - 8 x 10"
Found - Toronto, ON
Photo by Topley, Ottawa c 1893, The Estate of John Russell

Found, at a recent antique auction in Toronto, was the above original 19th century Canadian photo, in original frame & listed in the catalogue as Photo of Unidentified King.
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure
Canadian Trooper, 1898
Original charcoal sketch - Image Size - 16" x 20"
Found - Rochester, NY
Original frame & glass, backed with cedar shakes, contained newspaper dated May 14 (1900). Sketch possibly signed "John McCrae 98."
Found, at a recent antique auction in Rochester, NY was the following original unnamed 19th century charcoal drawing in original frame and glass. See the proof that this might very well be famed Canadian poet John McCrae in his Boer War artillery officer days?