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Great Canadian Auctions

Marjorie E Larmon Collection, Auction, Simcoe, ON - Sep. 23, 2006

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure
Cigar Store Indian, attributed Jean-Baptiste Coté (1834-1907)
Orig. polychromed wood - Size - 51" high
Found - London, ON
Final Price - $82,500
JB was a contemporary of Louis Jobin, Philippe Hébert, and Paul Chevré; they are responsible for most of Quebec's sculptured glory.
"Hey! Look what you've done now! You got him mad! You shouldn't have called him a cigar store Indian....
He's a cigar store First Nations person!"

The Marjorie E Larmon Collection: Once every couple of years a fine collection of Canadian antiques comes on the market.

Recently the fabled Marjorie E Larmon Collection came up for sale as Marjorie, signing a catalogue for a fan, above at 94, decided to call it quits and auctioned off her collection which had taken her a lifetime to acquire.

The conversation piece of the auction was the cigar store Indian which Marjorie got from the family of the original store owner that used to display it in his tobacco store in London Ontario.

It is reputedly the work of Jean-Baptiste Coté, a carver in Quebec in the late 19th century. The fear was it would go to a US collector; reputedly a Canadian got it for $82,500. But then that's only Canadian, not US dollars...

Below some other highlights of the auction.

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You Pick the Fake!!!!
Carved Polychromed Artist's Box
- carved Markham Twshp 18"
Final Price -
c 1815 Chair Table
- original brown paint & hinges 49" d
Final Price -
Early 19th century Pine Dish Dresser
- original red paint, Norfolk Cty 85" h
Final Price - $22,000
Quebec Diamond Point Armoire
- refinished 54" w
Final Price -
Early 19th century Quebec Armoire
- pine rat tail hinges 61" h
Final Price -
19th century Pirate Weather Vane
- dated 1846, 13" h
Final Price -
19th century Brantford Goold Stoneware Crock
- students entering school, hairline, chips
Final Price -
Fakes in tin are easy to make, and when one sees the price this got the motivation to cut something out of sheet metal and bury it in a manure pile for a few months and... and...

Can one legitimately ask? Would a poor homesteader take the time to cut a date into a weather vane in 1846, what with the wife yelling "John, John, the pigs rooted out the 'taters agin' and Susie's gone to the corn crib with the hired hand agin'.... John, John, will you quit foolin' with that damn tin thing agin' and do somethin' useful 'round 'ere... John... John... the chimney's jus' caught fire again!"

Could it have been carved by well known and most prolific folk artist IM Bogus?

Fakes in crocks are easy to make. And when this most unusual one turned up, many wondered, Is it a fake?

Most crocks have minimal or less dabs of blue streaks that pass for flowers, or often a nondescript bird, dashed off by an apprentice or passing by-stander.

Unusual designs like this are never encountered. Which is maybe why it went so high. At least two bidders went for broke. Was it a justified gamble? It's about a foot high...

When the wife says, "Sell that Damn thing!" how fast will you be able to find a buyer to recoup your investment?

19th century Hooked Rug
- Five Cats from Perth, Ontario, 60" w
Final Price - $26,400
1888 Hooked Rug
- dated by Maria Warning, Perth, ON, 51" w
Final Price - $16,500
19th century Quebec Folk Art Carvings
- what can one say? 24" l
Final Price - $15,400
19th century Corner Cupboard
- pine Niagara
Final Price -
Late 19th century Star Quilt, Perth, Ontario
- nice 78" l
Final Price -
1840s Church Family Registry Sampler
dates of births 26" h
Final Price -
19th century Carved Pine Angels
- Quebec 22"
Final Price -
c 1800 Ceinture fléchée
- hand woven 153"
Final Price -