Great Canadian Heritage Treasure


For thousands of years the slopes below Canada's most famous buffalo jump resounded to cheerful babbling of women and children, running hither and yon, to despatch wounded buffalo hobbling about and bellowing in pain, and then butchering them.

The joyful shouts of life that echoed about this place signaled, that, once again, the people would survive the winter; and that the buffalo would be roadkill, not them.

Hunting cultures around the world live cheek to jowl with roadkill all their lives, as they struggle to survive on the right side of the slim and fragile line that divides their hunting and gathering lifestyle from extinction.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Fort Macleod, Alberta
Orig Great Canadian Historic Site
Found - Fort Macleod, AB

The cliff drop is not very high. But it is high enough to do the job, as all the animals, at least, breaking a leg or two and so making it easy, even for women and children, to dispatch the disabled animals with little danger to themselves.

Buffalo Bones?

At one time there would have been piles of bones below this cliff. But bone hunters in the late 19th century would have carted them all away, to factories in eastern Canada that would turn them into fertilizer.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

If there is a more fabulous buffalo hunting scene anywhere, we have not seen it.

Canadian master painter Art Hider painted this spectacular portrait of western Canada's two main sources of roadkill - the horse and the buffalo - a 100 years ago.

Somewhere on the banks of the Saskatchewan River, Art has captured the Red Man at the height of his cultural glory, living in perfect balance with nature.

Braced with courage, and hunting weapons he has fashioned himself, from wood, sinew, and stone, the Blackfoot warrior hunts the buffalo from horseback, to provide meat to feed his family, hide for his tipi, bone for tools, sinew for string, and warm buffalo robes for winter.

The horse, which appeared on the Canadian plains in the late 1700s, made the hunt, previously done on foot, more efficient and successful.

Buffalo, horses, and Indians were the main sources of roadkill in early western North America.

Po nis cha pan ne ka pe Hunts Buffalo - 1906
Orig. chromolithograph - Image Size - 36 x 42
Found - Toronto, ON

Roadkill - (Slang) One that has failed, been defeated, or dismissed as no longer worthy of consideration. People from powerless minorities who are trashed as valueless in the unfolding scheme of things, and targetted for elimination, in thought, word, and deed.

"When the basic value of human beings is in dispute, you have the foundation of a racist culture, a racist government, and racist actions in domestic and foreign policy. And the rebirth of Nazi values."

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

It is still possible to come across buffalo bones in some remote sites in western Canada.

We found this in an isolated gully near Drumheller, Alberta, mute testimony to a Canada that did not value it as a resource, or the people it sustained as worthy of humanitarian consideration.

It shows the jagged broken and chipped edges where, long ago, a hard-working Blackfoot woman, probably using a stone axe, broke it open to get at the marrow inside, to feed her family.

Traditionally, Plains People often hunted buffalo by driving them over cliffs, or buffalo jumps, where the animals were either killed by the fall, or crippled, so they could be easily dispatched.

Just about any cliff probably had buffalo driven over it at some time, but some sites became favoured because they were close to where the buffalo traditionally passed, or had the perfect topography to direct a drive, provide a great drop, and give easy access to the bottom of the kill site, for women and children to do the butchering.

The most famous buffalo cliff site in western Canada is Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in southern Alberta, west of Fort Macleod.

Below a fabulous diorama you can see at the Batoche, Saskatchewan Museum. It gives you a fabulous view and feel, for exactly what you would see at a buffalo jump or kill site 150 years ago.

Buffalo Bone,
Orig. bone - Image Size - 26 cm
Found - Drumheller, AB

Buffalo Roadkill Basics

By the 1880s the western plains were littered with billions of bones, where millions of buffalo once had roamed. Contractors paid 5 cents a ton to anyone who brought them in.

The bones were shipped by railway to the east where they were pounded up and made into fertilizer.

So the only buffalo bones you are likely to encounter today, apart from some museums, are in the hands of some solitary collectors.

They bear witness to what white man's greed did to a valuable natural heritage resource and the people who depended on it.

Roadkill Update - In 2009, a few hundred kms to the north of where these archival pictures were taken, white man's greed in the Athabaska Tar Sands is doing the same thing all over again, turning thousands of hectares of northern wilderness rivers, lakes, and forests into a horrific moonscape, and in the process, dramatically increasing Canada's greenhouse gas emissions (eighth worst polluter in the world), dumping death-dealing chemicals into the area's water table, and giving local Indians - who depend on the animals and fish (intake severely restricted) from the area to feed their families - a cancer rate far above the normal provincial and national rate. Unctuous white men - in fancy suits, this time, not in Buffalo Bill hunting gear - continuing to treat Indians, and the environment, as mere roadkill on the way to progress, white man style...

Human Roadkill

The stress of two civilizations clashing produced an awful toll in human roadkill, especially in the United States, where the local militias, and then the US Army itself, were placed in charge of removing, in one way or another, the Indian presence on land the whites wanted.

You have to kill off opponents who won't accept your point of view - that they should step aside and let you have what you want of theirs.

Since the 1600s Indians had struggled to protect their families and lands from the ruthless expansionism of white men whose aggressiveness seemingly knew no bounds.

The history of the westward expansion of the United States, from 1600 till 1900, is largely the attempt to turn all Indian peoples into roadkill.

It is a story of genocide on a scale which has no parallel in Canada.

Faced with such a relentless enemy, the Indians fought for survival to avoid being turned into roadkill.

As a matter of fact, numerous Indian tribes - the Santee Sioux in the 1860s, the Dakota Sioux in the 1870s, the Nez Percee in the 1880s - deliberately fled to reach Canada because their chiefs (White Cap, Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph) knew that once across the border, on British or Canadian territory, they would be safe from genocidal attacks on their womenfolk, children, and men, by American militiamen, civilians, and the US Army.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Jeanette McClelland Brookes has created as fine a portrait of a great Indian leader as any painted by her renowned predecessors in this exotic art: Catlin, Kane, Morris, and Perry.

Jeanette McClelland Brookes is a modern master of the portrait figure watercolour and pastel.

And she carries on in the tradition of other great Indian portrait painters.

Jeanette originally created this exquisite likeness for a commission for the Nickle Family Foundation and Museum, in Calgary, Alberta.

Like many famous paintings of Indian Chiefs, made by the great portrait painters - Edmund Morris, John Perry - she had to rely on photographs to capture the essence of the man.

And as did Morris and Perry before her, she executed this in pastel.

The finished portrait exudes the power and magnetism of Chief Joseph of the Nez Percee, who, in 1877, in one of the great epic marches in history, led his people across four US states, in a desperate attempt to escape the genocidal fury of the US Army. Only forty miles from the border - and safety - the remnants of his band who had not already been killed or frozen to death, surrendered. Only a handful reached Canada...

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Chief Joseph, Jeanette McClelland Brookes, 2005
Orig. pastel - Size - 51 x 71 cm
Found - Calgary, AB
Nickle Family Foundation Coll

The butchery in the US created one famous victim, Buffalo hunter Ralph Morrison above killed and scalped by Cheyennes, in December 1868, near Fort Dodge, Kansas. Photographer William S. Soule's photo was used to demonize Indians for countless generations. One who turned buffalo into roadkill, became some himself.

Of course no photos were ever published, showing the handiwork of Christian gentlemen, of the countless Indian women and children they butchered, as late as the 1890s at Wounded Knee, in North Dakota.

Hell, unlike poor Morrison, who cries out for our sympathy, these "pagan savages" were treated just like roadkill. It was simply considered the cost of advancing Christian civilization. Or as the US Forces prefers to call it, these days, in Iraq and Afghanistan, "collateral damage."

Scalping, a war custom that had ancient origins both in Europe and America, became prevalent in America as the whites - first the French and the English, later Americans - battled the Indians for control of their lands.

Left Robert McGee, c 1861, survived a scalping but bore the scars for life.

Far left a celebrated photo of Big Mouth Spring taken by Edward Curtis in 1910, still shows, at this late date, an Indian brave sporting a scalp lock of human hair on his shoulder.

Was it from an Indian, or a white man? Did he collect it, or was it passed down in the family from the "good old days?" Did Curtis tell him it would make a hell of a prop for the photo?

The 18th century cartoon below notes two Indians involved in cutting scalps from Frenchmen to bring to a British officer who says, "Bring me the Scalps and the King for every one will reward you." The rifle has a tag that says "Paid for w French scalps."

So the British, and the French, early on - though they did not introduce the custom - aided and abetted scalping by their native allies by making it more profitable for them to take roadkill souvenirs from their victims.

Somewhere in the early 19th century the British abandoned the practice; but not the Americans, who with their push westward, found a whole new group of Indians to turn into roadkill.

Thousands of Indians were simply butchered as if - like the buffalo - they were not seen to have human qualities worth bothering with.

From the beginning of American history, demonizing the Indians, to dehumanize them, was the first step in the process - a tactic the Nazis were to copy. The photos shown here, and even Currier and Ives, were harnessed up for the campaign.

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Below a staged propaganda photo of how "bad Indians" (note naked savages) scalped a "good white man" (Christian guy).

Debasing and demeaning Indians, in the press, with photos and articles, was the job of journalists, to make it far easier to kill them without a second thought that you were doing anything other than what God wanted you to do. This would also ensure no protesting letters to the editor and cancelled subscriptions...

Roadkill 2009 - This same propaganda process is being repeated, in Iraq and Afghanistan, with the western media helping to reduce the home grown Muslim guerillas to a sub-human level, so they can be easily exterminated without causing undue PTSD stress upon fine Christian boys from good American homes. Or upsetting media subscribers stateside, with the worry that human beings - innocent or otherwise - over there, may be suffering or being eliminated.

The pictures of scalping and massacres on these pages are all American because, let's face it, they've long had a unique talent and passion for the art of exterminating Aboriginal and Third World peoples.

There are no Canadian counterparts to these images or events.

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The white man in North America tried his best, but failed, to exterminate the Aboriginal people and their culture, through warfare, massacres, slip-shod treaties, and residential schools.

They were marginalized as a people, and shunted off to small, mean reserves that were not even a pale mirror of the lands over which they once hunted and roamed with pride.






If there is a more glorious term, in human ethnology, than The American Indian, we have not heard it.

But in 300 years of US history, untold thousands of individual men, women, and children, of this noble race of people, had been ruthlessly exterminated or hounded into starvation.

Symbolic of this historical tragedy is that, among modern toy collectors, one of the most popular pieces is the "Scalping Set," featuring a white Mountain Man about to scalp a protesting Red Man, who refuses to become roadkill.

In spite of it all the American Indian, and the First Nations of Canada have survived.

Below a view of the only massacre site of Indians in western Canada, near Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan, 70 kms north of the US border.

In 1873 a group of peaceful Assiniboine Indians were camped in the field around the yellow dot, intent on trading with the two sutler's forts (square buildings shown) that were nearby.

American wolfers, from Fort Benton, Montana, in the US, had come across the border to trade.

Armed with the malevolent mind set against Indians which festered among many in the western US at the time, they accused the Assiniboines of being thieves.

Putting into practice the well-known Americanism championed by George Bush, "Shoot first and ask questions later," they attacked the sleeping Indian camp, killing dozens of helpless men, women and children.

The butchery became known as the Cyprus Hills Massacre.

The Americans fled to where they knew genocidal criminals were safe - across the border, to the US.

Canadian police tried in vain to have them extradited to be tried for their murder spree in Canada. The US authorities forbade it. Turning Indians into roadkill was not a crime, either in the US, or among Americans.

In self-defence, the Canadian Government formed the famed, red-coated North West Mounted Police and sent the force west to prevent more genocidal outrages by Americans, in an area that had - in great contrast to the US - seen peaceful relationships between whites and Indians.

The Mountie - Canada's most famous symbol - world-wide - was established, in 1873, by the Government of Canada
as a direct and deliberate rebuke to US racism and genocide against the Aboriginal Peoples of America.


Since the United States was founded in 1776 there have been countless deliberate expeditions to turn Indian men, women, and children in America, into roadkill, some carried out by enraged citizens, some by incensed local militias, most, including the most recent in 1890, by the American Army itself, the legal arm - or fist - of the federal government.

The biggest western hero for many Americans is General Custer, who has a huge and doting following in the US. His principal claim to fame - Indian fighter and exterminator. He was the right hand man of General Phil Sheridan, the man widely credited with originating the phrase, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."

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In his employ, Custer killed some 100 Indian men, women, and children during an attack on a Cheyenne camp on the Washita River in 1868.

He became roadkill himself, in June 1876, during his last attack on a tented camp of Indian men, women, and children, when his command was repulsed and wiped out by Indian warriors in what is celebrated as Custer's Last Stand. "Against the Heathen Redskin" is the thinly veiled ending. But he was not scalped, said Chief Sitting Bull, leader of the opposing forces, because he was deemed "a great chief."

This battlefield was redesignated, as late as 1946, as the Custer Battlefield National Monument, in honour of this genocidal and racist general, even though many Indians live in the area, and many, who died protecting their families, from the rampaging US army general, are buried in the vicinity.

Modern Indian protests finally forced the government to reclassify "The National Monument" in less incendiary and less racist terms, as the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in 1991.

Not till 1991...

Roadkill Repeat...

Wikipedia Nonsense - "The Wounded Knee Massacre was the last major armed conflict between the Oglala Lakota and the United States," brashly states Wikipedia, in that inimitable American way of parsing words around the truth, to describe what was nothing but a wanton butchery of starving, unarmed Indian men, women, and children, in the dead of winter. Even General Nelson A Miles, the Army's regional division head, at the time, accusingly called it a "massacre."

Wikipedia further notes the "Result" of this incident, where 500 US troopers exterminated 40 warriors and some 200 women and children, as a "United States victory."

It is, of course, this unique kind of American mind set, and word play, which is the biggest threat to world peace in the 21st century. It permits Americans to countenance, and explain away, their current national passion for killing untold hundreds of thousands of Muslim men, women, and children in the cause of "Freedom." They take their cue, justification, and inspiration, from national cult heroes like General Custer and John Wayne who snarked, "I never killed a man that didn't deserve it."

Since Canada was founded in 1867, there have been no Canadian massacres of Indian people of any kind carried out by citizens, or provincial or federal government forces, during the very time that genocidal attacks on Indian people escalated to an all-time high in the US.

To find any kind of parallel you have to go back to colonial days in the 17th century when British colonists in Newfoundland hunted down and killed local Indians (Beothuks), like their relatives were doing at the time, along the eastern seaboard of the United States, further south.

Mary March or Demasduit above one of the last of her people died of tuberculosis in 1820. The last Beothuk died in 1829.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Another sad relic of a wonderful natural resource wiped out, a fabled culture destroyed, and a people devastated, is this huge, and very old and yellowed, buffalo bone, collected in the 19th century.

There were millions of buffalo on the western plains in the 1850s.

Then came the push to settle the west, in the US and in Canada, as hordes of white settlers, with an insatiable greed for land and a future for themselves, with guns and treaties, ruthlessly shunted buffalo and Indian aside, to take over the lands the two had shared in perfect balance for thousands of years.

It would be more accurate to say exterminate them - the one with the other. In fact it was policy to kill off the buffalo, which was the lifeblood of the Indian people, and their culture. Kill the buffalo; wipe out the Aboriginal people through starvation. And clear the way for white farmers, white settlement, and white government.

With the buffalo the white man largely succeeded; with the native people, less so. Within a decade or two, buffalo robe hunters reduced the millions of bison to only a few thousand by the 1880s. The plains became despoiled with millions of rotting animal corpses.

And a few people kept a souvenir of a fabulous natural resource totally wiped out by the greed of white men.

Buffalo Bone - 1880s
Orig. bone - Image Size - 46 cm
Found - Kitchener, ON

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

The Canadian "Indian Type"

Martin Horse - c 1925
Orig. photo - Image Size - 41 x 56 cm
Found - Toronto, ON

Another fine archival portrait of a Canadian Indian from the 1920s.

This time the name is recorded as Martin Horse, of British Columbia.

One may well ask, is he really from BC - like Joe from Ontario? Or is this just another example of the mindless "Intelligence" Service's dismissive attitude long typical of white officialdom when dealing with all Aboriginal peoples in Canada?

Most BC First Nations people live as members of the North West Coastal cultural group, which Martin Horse clearly is not. Other BC tribes live in the interior and belong to the Plateau cultural group, to which Martin does not seem to belong to either. Neither group belong to the "horsey set" of Indians.

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Martin looks much more like a Blood warrior of the southern Alberta Plains cultural group, who once roamed the prairie flats, not British Columbia's mountains and fiords. "Horse" as a family name is more likely from there as well. Mike Horse was a Blood from that area, and a veteran of World War I, and may have been a relative.

Martin is still noted - like a zoological specimen - by the Department, as an "Indian Type." One should welcome progress in government nomenclature; hey, it is a step up from "Savage."

Of course this is a holdover from the old days of reclassifying inconvenient Indians as somehow an inferior sub order of the animal kingdom - not the human race - so it made it a lot easier, and more permissible, for good Christians to eradicate them, turn them into roadkill, like the buffalo.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

"Now that the buffalo's gone" - Buffy Sainte Marie

Old Woman of the Sarcee Tribe - c 1925
Orig. photo - Image Size - 41 x 56 cm
Found - Toronto, ON

A good example, from the 1920s, of how Government officials in Ottawa, long treated First Nations people, as little more than roadkill, not human beings with rights, and names...

Countless photos exist, in the Canadian Archives, of Indian men, women, and children, whose names were never seen as worthy of recording, much like when you photograph animals in the zoo. You know, elephant, camel, baboon... Indian...

Here, a huge photo, well done up for an Ottawa Member of Parliament's office, the Natural Resources Intelligence Service - if you can believe - merely notes her as "An old Indian Woman of the Sarcee Tribe" in southern Alberta.

Her destitute condition, her photo labeling, is symbolic of how Ottawa has long marginailzed Indian People in Canada, and ignored their constitutional rights to millions of acres of Canadian real estate, guaranteed to them, by King George III under the Proclamation of 1763, and confirmed with the patriation of the Constitution in 1982.

John Vallance was a Liberal MP from Battleford, Saskatchewan in the 1920s and 30s.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A fabulous signed horse's hoof inkwell from the Boer War

It belonged to Capt. Harold Fielden DSO, member of a prominent Yorkshire family, who had his medal presented to him by King Edward VII, on Oct. 29, 1901.

Many Victorian officers had inkwell memorabilia made of some favourite horse that was killed during their campaigning.

For centuries the horse carried the fight to the enemy on the battlefield with either a cavalryman or a gunner riding them into the jaws of hell. Hence the close ties between a fighting man and a fighting horse sealed with a hoof memento of a partnership going back thousands of years.

By the time World War I came along a dozen years later the horse as a fighting animal was a thing of the past.

The horse had been reduced to a transport animal for pulling wagons and guns behind the lines. And even this task was being taken over by gasoline powered trucks.

The horse was being withdrawn from modern battlefields.

Now if we could only do the same with men...

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Horse Hoof Inkwell, Requisition - 1901
Orig. horse hoof inkwell - Size - 13 x 14 cm
Found - Birmingham, UK

Now here's a Mountie painted - attributed to Canadian John Innes - the Canadian way, the man totally in control, aboard a spirited steed, keeping a sharp look-out, with his gun safely holstered.

The picture from the 1930s, reflects, at once, a much more peaceful Canadian west, and far less of the Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Charles Bronson, shoot everyone in sight, kind of lawman so common in American fact and legend.

As a result, the human roadkill, which US gunmen, like Custer, the James Brothers, the Daltons, and Black Jack Ketchum, littered across the American west, was absent from the Canadian West, which was was by comparison, amazingly law-abiding, and boring.

So boring, in fact, that though hundreds of violent movies were made of the American Wild West blood-letting, only a very few boring films were made of the dull, dreary, Canadian west. And these like Susannah had to be tarted up big time to interest US audiences.

Thanks in no small part to a frontier kept quiet by a police force which ruled by personality and dispensed British and Canadian legal justice, instead of George Bush's US six-gun and vigilante justice.

Another fabulous picture from the 1920s by Arthur Heming, with a Mountie serenely surveying his Kingdom.

A kinder gentler America - called Canada...

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A fine picture of Canada's most famous symbol, the Mountie, supposedly at work, putting those dastardly Indians in their place, with his 30-30...

If you said "Fake! no Canadian would ever paint this," you would be totally right of course. A trooper, threatening to turn Indians into roadkill, an extremely common subject among American painters, has never been a picture topic for any Canadian artist.

The clearly threatening picture is, of course, by one of America's pre-eminent chroniclers of the Old West, Charlie Russell.

Notes one critic: "Charlie Russell was no great shakes when it came to depicting the Mounted Police. During his lifetime Russell produced five major works dealing with the Mounted Police... with one exception, which was painted from life, not one of Russell's Mountie pictures (including Single-Handed) shows a member of the force in historically correct attire."

In the 1920's an ex-Mountie, Bruce Carruthers, became a technical adviser in Hollywood for "Mountie/Western" films. His Canadian frustration with American film bosses was extreme. "The Writing and Wardrobe Departments will fight me tooth and nail to put over THEIR ideas.... The Indian situation will be one of my troubles as it is difficult for the people of this Country to picture treatment of Indians other than the way the U.S. Cavalry handled the situation in this Country with much blood-shed." Despite being given 23 pages of scene by scene corrections, the director, William A. Seiter, still turned the Canadian West into a blood-soaked American one, on "Susannah of the Mounties" 1939.

Single-Handed, CM Russsell, 1912
Orig. litho - Image Size - 23 cm
Found - Dundas, ON
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A fabulous reminder that the horse played a key role in the development of western Canada.

This numbered hoof belonged to a Victorian member of the North West Mounted Police. It probably died or was killed during police work on the prairies.

It came from an estate in a lot that included NWMP badges, horse bits, and other memorabilia from a time when the Mounties were the only law and order on the western frontier.

By the 1870s it was not politically correct - certainly not in Canada - to display roadkill souvenirs such as scalps.

But horse hooves and tails of favourite animals became a more acceptable substitute.

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Horse Hoof Souvenir, RNWMP - 1904
Orig. horse hoof - Size - 19 cm
Found - Toronto, ON
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A fabulous set of horns from Canada's most unique animal - the musk-ox.

The musk-ox shares the arctic with the Inuit people and has the appearance of a cross between the American bison and the African buffalo.

Only late in the 20th centuries did musk-ox horns become targets for roadkill junkies.

As wealthy southern Canadian and American hunters travelled further afield to bag rare specimens, the remote musk-ox, polar bear, and caribou became targets.

And hundreds of hides and horns came south as roadkill.

Musk-ox Horns
Orig. horns - Size - 50 cm
Found - Toronto, ON
Mira Godard Gallery Coll

Some people prefer their Great Canadian Roadkill in larger sizes, like this stuffed musk-ox shown in its stubborn stance.

When spooked by a perceived enemy, members of the herd often bunch up standing like this, rear ends together, and facing outwards to confront the threat below.

The famed British military square, a large ring of soldiers, facing outwards, with their command structure in the middle, is a human form of the same protective.

Of course the Great White Hunters - most are from the US - don't say that when they get back home, saying that they potted it, somewhat like a cow in its stall, while it was standing still in a defensive posture.

This is the view of the Great White Hunter, just before he bags his trophy...

The meat tastes like chicken, only different... And their fine hair makes wonderful woolen sweaters.

And for all you animal rights protectionists, remember, that for those who have issues to work out, it's better they bag an animal, than a co-worker down at your local post office...

Small pieces of narwhal roadkill can cost a lot of money. So just like antique book sellers cut apart old books with lots of rare colour plates, to get more money, so narwhal tusks have been sliced into more profitable smaller disks and chunks.









Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

The narwhal is a whale found in Canada's high arctic.

The unique and diagnostic ivory tusk is actually a tooth that grows out of one side of the jaw and is hollow with a pulpy centre, some say, to allow it to be used as a sensing device.

In December of 2008 a huge pod of narwhals, of some 200 animals, was trapped in a rapidly freezing opening in the ice field, and could not escape to the open sea to breathe, some 50 kms away.

The Inuit slaughtered them to save them from a cruel fate, suffocating to death....

You can buy an artificially cast replicas of a 50 inch narwhal tusk for $350 US so you can imagine what a genuine original of ivory is worth.

Narwhal Tusk -
Orig. ivory - Size - 1.3 m
Found - Toronto, ON
Mira Godard Gallery Coll

Canadian Roadkill that Inspires...

That's genocidal General Custer, we met earlier in the human roadkill section, here sporting his trademark walrus mustache.

People who favour this type of mustache - Mark Twain, US Presidents Chester Alan Arthur and Teddy Roosevelt - always seem to have gravy or nasal dribbles hanging off it, complain their kissing partners...

Right BBC TV host Natasha Kaplinsky, who earns 74 pounds a minute, wearing a genuine walrus head and tusks at a London film premiere.

We've heard that women in her business do anything for money; now we know it...

"I know some people will say it’s cruel but I think every walrus would be proud to be worn to the premiere of such a popular film and by such a gorgeous, talented, and well loved newsreader such as myself." she is quoted as saying.

Oh, well, I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky she was not at the Little Big Horn where Chief Sitting Bull reported his braves refused to scalp the dead General Custer. That would not have deterred Kaplinsky who probably wouldn't have been able to resist lopping off the general's head, with its wonderful walrus mustache, and waltzing about wearing it, at social soireés to get attention.

If you're an animal rights advocate, are outraged, and would prefer to see her going without, we suggest you go to You-tube where Natasha's shown going Commando...

Below, The last picture just a few moments before Natasha and her hatchet, spotted a competitor...

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Roadkill from arctic animals is very popular among tourists, not just hunters.

This is a set of ivory walrus tusks carved by Inuit artist Isidore Iyitok from Igloolik in Canada's eastern arctic.

The motif is the ancient antagonists, a polar bear eying a seal basking on the surface of the ice hoping to pounce and making a meal of it.

Isadore has also etched the top of the skull with the mustache hair and the peeping eyes.

Walrus Tusks - Isadore Iyitock
Orig. tusks - Size - 48 cm
Found - Toronto, ON

Mira Godard Gallery Coll

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Walrus Tusks - c 1950s
Orig. tusks - Image Size - 50 cm
Found - Toronto, ON

Mira Godard Gallery Coll

Just a normal walrus skull and tusks for the purists.

Below for the more adventurous, you can have the set mounted atop a narwhal tusk and skull. Use it as a centre piece on your dining room table.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A fabulous discovery, on a remote beach, during a caribou hunting expedition on the Adelaide Peninsula, in Canada's Central Arctic.

In a remote area where even wood is a rare commodity, the Inuit people used bone to make handles for implements of various kinds, like this hatchet.

Abandoned - probably lost - for generations, by a long departed Inuit hunter, the bone handle is now lichen encrusted from decades of exposure to passing arctic seasons.

A hard to come by piece of metal has been attached with a heavy piece of cordage.

The holes were laboriously drilled with wood or bone drills.

Inuit Bone-handled Hatchet - c 1890
Orig. tool - Image Size - 23 cm
Found - Montreal River, Adelaide Peninsula, NU
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Platter, Arctic Scenery - 1846
Orig. platter - Size - 30 x 40 cm
Found - Napanee, ON

An absolutely rare and fabulous Arctic Scenery platter from c 1845 - the same year Franklin and his men were in Canada's high arctic - shows that arctic expeditions were popular to feature on spectacular dinner ware services.

This platter is huge and shows about what it must have looked like when Franklin and his men were wintered in, in the Central Arctic, before starting on their fatal trek out to civilization.

Covering the ships over, as the men hunkered inside, was a common practice in arctic expeditions. With summer the ice would, hopefully, melt and the ships could sail away.But the ice did not melt around Franklin's ships which were crushed instead and sank leaving the men no choice but to walk out.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Canada's Greatest Arctic Disaster: In 1845 British explorer Sir John Franklin, in two ships, the Erebus and the Terror, and some 130 men, set out to find a way through the ice-bound channels around the north end of the Canadian arctic. They never returned, and within a couple of years, search parties set out by land and sea to try to reach the spot in the arctic where they might possibly be. But all that was ever found were relics and bones - the most famous human roadkill in Canada.

It turned out that the ships had frozen in and the men abandoned them and tried to walk out, south to Hudson's Bay posts. None of them made it. Relics were gathered from Inuit people who salvaged what the men abandoned, or dropped, as they died of starvation.

During a seal hunting expedition, historian John Goldi trekked along the southern shore of King William Island, following the trail by snowmobile during April, the same month the men died along the shore, when the land was snow-free, but the ice was still thick on the sea. He found several cairns containing bones, set up in the 1930s by Hudson's Bay Manager Paddy Gibson FRC. The jaw bone, left, probably from a cabin boy who was on the expedition, was found by itself, along the shore by an Inuit hunter who was accompanying John Goldi. "Kabloonak! Not Eskimo" he said.

There are no teeth, indicating scurvy had ravaged through the gums of the dying men as they stumbled on to their deaths.

Sir John Franklin's Jawbone, 1847
Lower jaw - Size - 10 cm d
Found - Peffer Point, King William Is, NU

Because of the obvious danger, many of these signs are placed along the Trans-Canada Highway across northern Ontario, warning moose not to cross the road at night.

Yes in Canada our moose are bilingual.

Sadly the signs seem to have little effect.

Below in Saskatchewan, a young woman somehow survived a collision with a moose who couldn't read, that came through the windshield, tore off the roof, and ended up dead in the back seat.

She will drive more carefully at night, at least when in illiterate moose country...

We've heard of two OPP constables in northern Ontario who were not so lucky and did not survive.

A flying moose is no respecter of persons...


Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

The biggest roadkill to be found in Canada is the moose.

If you would like to encounter one of these, your best chance is to drive fast, at night, in Northern Ontario or Newfoundland.

Newfoundland averages 700 car with moose collisions every year. The moose and the cars are always write-offs.

Often, so are the people.

Since a full grown moose weighs 500kgs (1200 pounds) or more, and comes flying in through the windshield, often ripping off the car roof in the process, when you hit it at 100 kms or more, few, in the front seat survive the encounter.

These incidents are hardly rare occurrences.

In fact, in one three hour run, along the Trans-Canada Highway, north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, we counted 5 dead moose along the road, and seven others skulking off into the woods beside the shoulder.

We happened upon this scene too late to photograph the human roadkill that often results from close encounters of this kind.

Though the moose are usually left lying where they fell, to be picked at and cleaned up by ravens, crows, and jays, the authorities usually consider it more preferable to remove the people who perished, from the scene, mostly because of the pressure from the tourist operators who deem it bad for business and somewhat unseemly to allow birds to do the cleanup.

Roadkill, Moose - Trans-Canada Highway, Wawa, Ontario
Orig. roadkill - Size - dead size
Found - Wawa, ON
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A relic from US Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's ship the brig Niagara, which he commanded during the Battle of Put-in Bay, on Lake Erie in 1813.

His nine ship fleet defeated the British six ship squadron, giving America control over the lower Great Lakes during the last part of the War of 1812.

The British and Canadians had to use land routes, away from the shore, to move about Upper Canada to avoid becoming roadkill.

The Americans were able to make a land attack on the capital of York (Toronto) burn ships being built there, many houses, and Ontario's first Parliament Buildings.

This vulnerability to attack, by the warlike Americans, convinced the British to move the colonial capital of Canada from York to Bytown (Ottawa) further inland.

The Niagara was scuttled in 1820, but raised in 1913, and restored. This chunk of oak is from that period, when souvenir bits of her original planking were sold off to buy newer timbers for the refit.

Niagara still sails the Great Lakes to this day, a witness to 200 years of peace since her guns last spoke in anger.

This relic is the perfect alternative for those who don't get pleasure from sitting in their living room and fondling a bone - or a scalp - to feed their roadkill habit...

Relic, US Brig Niagara, 1813

Orig. planking - Size - 8 x 16 cm
Found - Toronto, ON













The Invincible, a 74 gun ship, built in 1740, in England for the French, looks exactly like L'Orignal would have appeared had she not sunk.

Below the ledge under the glowering cliffs of Cape Diamond, along the shore left was where much shipbuilding took place during the 18th and 19th century. A celebrated litho after James Cockburn from the 1820s.


Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

For those too squeamish to go out and bag a moose, Canada offers an equally wide assortment of inanimate roadkill souvenirs.

Left from the last days of French rule in Canada, a hunk of the oak planking from the King's 74 gun, ship of the line, L'Orignal - moose to you - launched at Quebec at Cape Diamond in October, 1750.

The 74 gun ship of the line was a French invention and was a state of the art war ship till the Napoleonic Wars of 1796-1815.

Unfortunately L'Orignal broke her back during the launching and sank in the channel.

Her timbers were salvaged in 1879 and made into walking sticks, etc.

The wife of the Governor-General, Princess Louise - you know, the one named after Lake Louise - had an entire room in her English home, paneled from the wood.

Ships have been a major source for roadkill souvenirs for those who don't like littering their living rooms with animal matter of different kinds...

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Relic, L'orignal - 1750

Orig. wood relics - Size - 5 x 13 cm
Found - Toronto, ON
Copyright Goldi Productions Ltd. - 1996, 1999, 2005
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

One of the most stunning pictures ever produced, to express the outrage of those people - admittedly their numbers are declining in Canada - who oppose the killing of women and children in war or police actions, is this famous Boer War era poster.

Don't look for any 21st century Canadian to draw such a picture to evoke sympathy for exterminated Muslim women and children.

Certainly don't look for any Canadian newspaper or magazine to publish one.

Today's Canadian politicians, human rights activists, editorial writers, and journalists, give such sentiments short shrift with a cryptic, if callous, "Too bad, eh?"

It serves to remind us all that History is not a steady linear progressive development, and that the beast of racism can rear its ugly head any time, any place. Like in Canada... and in the highest institutions in the land...

How often so-called highly civilized countries - like Britain here, during the Boer War, Germany, or the US, to name only three - can suddenly revert to embrace, even indulge themselves, with relish, in acts of savage Nazi barbarism, whenever it suits their ruling classes...

And no one says a peep...

As Jews complained bitterly about their situation when the Nazis victimized them in the 1930s.

At the dawn of the 21st century, rampant racism has come back into fashion... at least among many in the Canadian literati...

And the victims of the 1930s have today joined the ranks of the victimizers.

In fact there are so many who share the demon gospel - among Canada's top journalists and leading politicians of both leading parties - judging by what one reads in the Canadian media, that they openly cheer on the Israelis to kill as many Muslim women and children as they need, to defend themselves and feel secure...

It is a revolting and repulsive spectacle that is the total antitheses of everything Canada stood for in the 20th century, to worldwilde acclaim.

And the most vicious attack dogs of all are often the women journalists whom one would have expected to have some maternal instincts of sympathy for murdered children and women, even if they are Muslims...

Guess again...

The opinion makers in the Canadian press have made this a dark and scary time in Canadian civilization, and one which, in the coming generations, will bring down the contempt of the Ages on all those who took part in this vile chapter in Canadian journalism, public policy, and poltical life.



























Israel is not viewed as a force for good in the world, by the vast majority of peoples of all colours, races, and creeds.

An annual BBC poll, of a representative sample of 21 key countries, found 19 of 21 have a mainly negative view of Israel's influence in the world, the worst record of any country polled, with Israel getting worse marks each year, and doing worse than Iran.

(The power of the press is responsible for Iran's almost equally bad performance. It can be expected to fare badly in public opinion because no nation in history has been so constantly and viciously attacked in the western media, not even Nazi Germany. It's quite a remarkable achievement for a country - agreed its people are Muslim - that hasn't assassinated a single foreign leader, hasn't killed any neighbour's women and children, hasn't invaded any country, or launched missiles against anyone - all of which, by the way, are criminal acts which Israel routinely commits with gusto, often in triplicate or worse.)

Only 17% if the countries polled have a positive view of Israel, the lowest rating for any country in the survey.

Large majorities in all the continents - not just Muslims and Arabs who bear the brunt of the Israeli Defence Forces activities - have a mainly negative view of Israel.

In not a single country - not even in the US, and far less so in Canada - do the majority of people consider Israel a force for good among Mankind.

It is a stunning report card from the peoples around the globe - a truly awful indictment of a country, a people, a religion, but not, considering what it is based on, surprising.

It is the second year in a row that Israel has topped the list of pariah nations. It's easy to predict where it will rank in the 2009 poll as its toll in Muslim roadkill already exceeds that of 2008, in the opening weeks of the year, and with the anti-Arab forces dominating its election polls.

The cautionary - Muslims, get your wives and children out of Palestine - quick...

In the final irony, for the second year in a row Germany topped the poll as the country viewed by most people in most nations as a force for good in the world.

Whereas only 17% have a positive view of Israel - the lowest rating for any nation - Germany surged from 55% to 61% to seize a firmer grip on the top spot.

Whereas 19 of 21 nations viewed Israel negatively, all 21 nations polled viewed Germany as a force for good in the world.

Why all the horrible orange? Is it because a lot of the bad behaviour types are Israeli? You know, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Marion Jones, Michael Vick, or Barry Bonds?

Or is it because the Israeli Defence Forces are determined to maintain their grip in amassing the Guinness Book of Records top tally for the most women and children killed in a single action anywhere on the globe in the 21st century, a record they can be guaranteed to improve on, if Israeli politicians deliver on their promises...

Their roadkill record was tops in Lebanon in 2006. They topped that in 2009 within weeks of the New Year.

The BBC poll has shown that the Israelis have convinced the world they know how to kill.

Clearly the world is not impressed...

Israel's top politicians and supporters constantly, and abrasively, say they don't give a damn, and sneer at the United Nations, and its overwhelming constituency of non-Jewish members of White, and non-White peoples of Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and non-believer persuasions, whom God put in the greatest abundance on the planet.

Will Israel ever turn it around, and stop turning Muslim women and children into roadkill, and become a force for good in the world instead of - easily - the worst force for global instability in the 21st century?

Listening to Israelis and their supporters talk, one thing becomes abundantly clear.

The will to be good, just isn't there...

And far too many in the hierarchy in Israel are looking for any excuse to drop the Big One, and set a new world record in Muslim roadkill...

PS - You can hold your breath...

L'Assiette au Beurre - Sept. 28, 1901 (A Boer mother protesting British war crimes)

Orig. lithograph in magazine - Image Size - 25 x 32 cm, 22 pages
Found - Yorkshire, UK

Target the Civilians - Some 26,000 Boer women and children died in British concentration camps in South Africa, during the Boer War, as a direct result of British Army policy towards the family members of the enemy combatants it was fighting.

But hey, it worked! It brought the Boer War to a close, successfully forcing the Boer guerillas to surrender because they could not bear to lose more of their women and children to the British war machine. Some 10% of the Boer population - mostly women and children - was wiped out to seal the British victory.

Clearly the Israeli Defence Forces, with their long ties to the South African military, are avid students of the Boer War and its lessons. Hmmmh... wonder what they could learn?

The Great Gaza Massacre of 2009

News Item - In a three week period, in January 2009, Israel carried out a massacre of some 1414 Palestinians (mostly civilians with overwhelming numbers of women and children), which was considered a highly satisfactory result - a kill ratio of over 100:1 - since the Israelis, themselves, suffered only the loss of 3 civilians and 10 soldiers in the operation.

This was an extremely good PR offensive because it is certain to boost Israel's biggest foreign currency earner, which is technology of war exports, that is, the tools for creating human roadkill wherever, whenever, and in any amounts you want. And this from a nation of people who denounced German industrialists for supplying gas chambers and ovens for the NAZIs. But hey, if you can make a buck, why not...

The breathless corollary to all this is, obvious, blatant, and as shocking as it can get - that if the NAZIs were around today, they would be buying their death dealing technology from Israel. And the horrifying truth only gets worse - Israel would be glad to sell to them... So much for the morality of this religious state...

PS - A related bi-product that Israel exports, with gusto, more and more with every passing year,
is anti-Semetism, and with considerable success, since it is, predictably, growing,
among peoples of all colours, creeds, and races, in every corner of the globe.

HIgh-Tech Triumph - Patrick Martin of the right-wing Toronto Globe & Mail, proudly noted, in his summary of "Winners & Losers" of the Gaza Massacre, of January 2009, that certainly one notable success story was the unparalleled high-tech surveillance and killing accuracy of the Israeli spying and intelligence assassination network, marveling how the IDF could target a rocket attack on a distant Hamas leader only moments after he entered a house which had previously been empty and abandoned, and taking him out with pin-point accuracy. (Naomi Klein notes in "The Shock Doctrine" that this devastatingly accurate killing technology is a source of pride of the IDF, and one of Israel's top foreign currency revenue streams.)

But, though Martin himself, failed, for some reason, to draw another obvious conclusion, about "Losers," his observation also solves the question - as if It's a mystery to anyone - of how such a sophisticated intelligence network could end up accidentally blasting into smithereens and burning up so many hundreds - it's in the thousands actually over the last few years - of innocent Muslim women and children in their homes, and killing more civilians, as well, than those Hamas men they claimed they were after.

As professional war hawk, David Bercuson - the Department of National Defence funds this Alberta teacher's lobbying efforts, promoting war in Afghanistan, etc. - sternly remarked in the Globe, lest anyone miss the obvious teaching point: "Israel taught Hamas that future provocation will be painfully costly." He left the ending of the sentence incomplete, but understood. "They'll kill a lot more of your wives and kids." And this hectoring warning from a Canadian who is not even involved...

The UN and Human Rights organizations laid out the cost of the lesson: 894 civilian non-combatant dead, including some 280 Muslim children, and 111 women, compared to only 3 (three) Israeli civilians. No wonder Mr. Bercuson is personally pleased with the score, and as a teacher, with the fine lesson he can preach.

... once the most decent person in Canadian politics...

The Accidental Victims Exposed - Many in the Canadian establishment - with a perceptible level of discomfort - parrot Liberal MP, and former Premier of Ontario, Bob Rae, who baldly stated, in 2006, during his bid for the Liberal leadership "But with respect to the government of Israel, I've never heard a serious suggestion that there was any deliberate targeting of civilians." It remains the most enduring myth repeated by those seeking a cover for the Israeli army's obviously horrific actions.

His contention carries some weight because Bob Rae was - at least in our estimation - once the most decent person in Canadian politics, until he decided to abandon his human rights mantle, in favour of his narrow sectarian roots, and leave the NDP, because it spoke up against turning Palestinians into roadkill. Whereas he decided to cast his lot in with those to the far right of the political spectrum.

It is truly awful to watch advancing senility bring low one of Canada's finest sons. He became blinded to Muslim roadkill, and the Israeli eagerness to make it with their tanks, missiles, and guns. Maybe he just didn't realize...

Well, then, Bob Rae, meet one of Israel's most respected historians Tom Segev.

Professor Segev Thesis #1 - Israeli policy has long been to use the military to directly target civilians in order to make Palestinian leaders cry "uncle"

Professor Segev: "... as so often before, the Palestinians were expected to “learn their lesson.” Ever since its inception, the Zionist movement assumed it represented justice, progress and rationality, while the Arabs were a primitive, violent rabble.

"So the Arabs had to be made to “understand” the true nature of the Zionist dream. So-called Arabists in the Zionist organization – and later the Israeli government – tried time and again to encourage “moderate” forces in the Arab world to induce the Palestinians to give up their national aspirations. They used the “carrot and stick” policy – promises, threats, bribery, extortion.

"Over the years, Palestinians have accepted plenty of bribes but few delivered “moderation.” Time and again, Israel acted against Palestinian civilians, expecting them to rise against their leaders and replace them with more moderate ones. That policy never worked. It failed again in Gaza." (Globe & Mail, Feb. 10, 2009) Remember, the Boers in 1902, caved in, finally, exactly because of the terrible toll in civilian deaths. But assuming that Muslims will respond like Boers is wild fantasy.

Segev opted to use the euphemism "acted" to avoid the obvious words others around the world use to describe what, in fact, was going on: killing, crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide, etc. And again, elsewhere, Professor Segev expands on the Israeli tactic.

"Tom Segev, one of Israel's most respected historians, wrote yesterday in the Haaretz newspaper that “Israel has also always believed that causing suffering to Palestinian civilians would make them rebel against their national leaders. This assumption has proven wrong over and over,” he added. “Since the dawn of the Zionist presence in the land of Israel, no military operation has ever advanced dialogue with the Palestinians.” (Globe & Mail, Dec. 29, 2008)

By honestly stating, in unmistakable terms, that the Israeli military has been deliberately used, for years, to "causing suffering to Palestinian civilians... over and over," Segev has clearly deflated, once and for all, the argument of those, like Bob Rae, who pretend that the horrific Muslim civilians death rate is an unhappy accident, and exposed a tactic that clearly is against the Geneva Conventions, and also qualifies as Israeli war crimes against civilians, and crimes against humanity. Period. No argument.

But "suffering" Tom? Really! The next step is to shed the euphemisms, in public... which we are sure you have already done privately...

Professor Segev Thesis #2 - Targetting civilians, or Palestinians, with military force, has never worked, and is a thoroughly discredited course of political action

But Segev has gone one step further. Diametrically opposing Professor Bercuson's claim in a Globe article in January, 2009, grandly praising the IDF's success in Gaza, Segev says targetting civilians with the military has never worked as a viable military policy. It doesn't produce results that are claimed; never has, never will. But then he developed his insight living in Israel, not in some ivory tower on the Bow River.

Yet Israeli politicians continue to pursue force against civilians, and their supporters, in the US, and Canada, encourage it... Why, if Segev, and others, say it has clearly never proven to have any military success whatsoever? The conclusions are inescapable. Targetting Muslim women and children is continued for only two reasons: revenge and hate. Not very noble goals for a supposed religious state which Israel professes to be.

Professor Segev Thesis #3 - War will be the permanent state of affairs between Muslim and Israeli, so we should work towards containing and reducing casualties

Segev does, unwittingly, raise an awful third reason - he doesn't state it himself, at least not in public - out of a conclusion he has reached at this time in his life: the chasm between Israeli and Palestinians is totally unbridgeable; peace will never come; he has resigned himself to a state of permanent war between the two peoples. Countless others, in the Israeli military and in government, long ago came to the same conclusion. That a decent guy has finally done so, speaks volumes, not only about the developing mind set in Israel, but more ominously, the depth of the passion of fanatics in the Israeli hierarchy who've reached that conclusion years ago, and are determined to "act" - Professor Segev's word - to do something about it...

As a decent human being, Segev suggests, since peace will never be a possibility, all efforts should be towards reducing war, and its human casualties, to its minimum.

That is clearly not what the Israeli fanatics are pursuing, to put it mildly. Which is why Segev is not popular in many Israeli circles.

Professor Segev and the Final Solution - Hey then why are we killing ever more Muslim women and children?

Segev shies totally away from asking, or dealing with, the obvious and most awful question, which follows directly because his recommendation is so wildly out of whack with Israeli policy and practice regarding Palestinians: why then does the war and death toll against Muslim civilians, especially women and children, escalate, not decline, during Israeli incursions into Lebanon and Gaza? And will obviously escalate even more since the right wing and Anti-Arab politicians in Israel, who promise to step up "disproportionate response," are surging in the election of Feb. 2009. What is the driving ethos, then, if not Professor Segev's?

Unlike Professor Segev, rational people everywhere else, around the globe, have not been shy to ask the awful question. How many in the Israeli hierarchy have opted to entertain the Final Solution for Palestinians, and are pursuing it? So revenge and hate are not the end game, at all, but the grease on the axle of the tumbrels carrying the Muslim women and children to the execution site; so there is a military purpose after all...

It certainly explains more, and covers more bases, than any other explanation, for the horrific rise in Muslim civilian deaths at the hands of the IDF. As President Erdogan of Turkey admonished the President of Israel, before storming off the stage at the Davos Conference, in January, 2009, "When it comes to killing, you know killing very well. I know how you hit, kill children on the beaches." He couldn't take any more after President Shimon Peres of Israel had been justifying the practice. (Erdogan also complained angrily that his speaking time was cut off, and limited to a fraction of that given to Peres, by the moderator (who was Jewish.)

President Erdogan's view is shared by a dramatically growing number of people around the globe who are asking the unthinkable question, and entertaining the awful thought - are the victims of the Final Solution, vengefully cooking up one of their own? A Palestinian Holocaust...? With gusto into Gaza... 1,300 mostly civilians dead, thousands more women and children rendered eyeless, limbless, burned, scorched, 20,000 homes obliterated, tens of thousands homeless, starving, without medicine, or electricity... To many it looks just like the Warsaw ghetto, all over again...

As the awful thought starts sinking in, around the world, it has had devastating public relations consequences for the Israelis. If they cared; they constantly say they don't.

Nevertheless, it does reflect in how mankind views Israel.

In a 2008, a round the world BBC poll of a representative sample of 21 nations, of peoples of all colours, creeds, religions, and races, found they all selected Israel as the most disliked nation in the world. Wonder why? Could its continuous and awful pursuit of Muslim civilian roadkill have something to do with it? (The poll was done before the Gaza invasion of 2009 and its horrific death toll of civilians, especially women and children, sent Israel's world-wide reputation into a steep plunge. But how low can you sink when you've reached the bottom already?)

Will this poll influence world affairs, especially towards Peace? Not at all. Top government and political leaders, in the US, Canada, and other European countries, have been unified at being totally at odds with their own populations, about the mounting toll of Muslim civilian roadkill. They have been completely mum on offering condolences and expressions of outrage over the wanton killing of Muslim women and children. In inverse proportion to how they have been outspoken about telling Israeli leaders they can kill all the Muslim civilians they think necessary to ensure that Israelis can "feel secure."

Interviews conducted after the Gaza massacre in Israel showed the vast majority of Israelis had not the slightest sympathy for the high civilian death toll in Gaza; in fact they wanted more of the same. To underscore the point, in the February 2009 Israeli elections, the right wing extremists, who promised more Muslim civilian roadkill, won a huge surge in the polls.

But hey, look on the bright side - Israel is already a pariah among nations. It can't sink any lower, and anyway, as countless Israeli supporters point out, ad infinitum, Israelis don't care a whit what the world thinks. Water off a duck's back.

We predict far worse Muslim roadkill ahead, because revenge and hate are eternal... And history has shown, when hooked up to a religious state, are the most lethal...

Blame the Victim - In an interesting parallel to today, with the deliberate killing of hundreds of Muslim women and children by the ruthless Israeli Defence Forces - not, perhaps, a good name for what it spends most of its time doing - the Boer women victims were commonly blamed for their own deaths.

Echoing many heartless British voices of a century ago, are many equally cold-blooded commentators in Israeli, Canadian, and American media today - the Toronto Star's, hard as nails Rosie diManno, is merely one of the most merciless - who snark at the pile of corpses dismissively, "It's their own fault; they have only themselves to blame," and coldly urge on the killing, in the name of self-defence. Who says that civilization advances...?

The deaths of thousands of women and children, in the Boer War, were horrific and inexcusable. They do have one possible mitigating consideration (even though Emily Hobhouse would strenuously disagree) - they were the result of negligent homicide.

No one, even by the wildest stretch - certainly not historian Tom Segev - would say that "negligence" is the cause of what Israel did in Lebanon in 2006, Gaza in 2009, or plans on doing in...

As none other than Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, himself, made very clear, on Feb. 1, 2009, when he warned the world to prepare for what he promised will be more deliberate "disproportionate responses" from Israel. And he is the voice of moderation, compared to the political leaders Israelis voted to succeed him - Netanyahu and Lieberman - because they promised to pursue ruthless policies that will deliberately turn more Muslim women and children into roadkill.

GREAT CANADIAN SHAME - Where did the decent Canadians go? No Canadian politician spoke up in their defence; no Order of Canada holder rushed to denounce their extermination; no preacher of "Never Again" could be found, anywhere in the land, pleading for their lives; no self-styled Canadian Human Rights Advocates, previously heard, loudly and publicly, expressing their outrage, protesting human rights abuses by non-whites, spoke up this time. Not a single one; not one peep.

It's always different when white Judaeo-Christians are the perpetrators of horrific human rights abuses.

Devil's Advocate - "Now who was it who said, "Never again?"

Voice of Reason, in Self-Defence - "Well now, common, be reasonable; you know we only meant when it suits us."

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

For 130 years, after Canada became an independent Dominion in 1867, the Canadian government and Canadians took strong, and principled stands, against turning non-white, non-Christian men, women, and children into roadkill.

It marked us as Canadians, not Americans.

Unlike the Americans to the south, who, once they had subdued the Indians, soon took their Crusade overseas, to indulge their passion for turning non-Americans into roadkill, especially if their countries had economic wealth - fruit, sugar, oil - which their corporate elites wanted to grab.

In profound and defining contrast, Canada won world-wide recognition and repeated international kudos for, though being a nation of principally Judaeo-Christian people, it did not attack, or victimize Third World people or countries, but acted as Peacekeepers that one could count on, in emergencies between less mature nations, to separate the combatants until they could work out their political problems, locally, in peaceful ways.

A Canadian Prime Minister won the Nobel Peace Prize for launching Canada on this path.

And for 50 years Canada won an unrivalled reputation for fairness among peoples of all colours and creeds around the world.

When Canada spoke, the world listened, with respect. The Canadian Army was welcomed as a professional service that could be trusted, and relied on, to act as a fair mediator in awful local disputes.

In the 1960s and 70s American tourists, pinned Canadian flags on their backpacks or clothes, to avoid being assaulted or worse by Anti-American peoples around the world.

Then the 21st century dawned, and a drastic change overcame the ruling classes, the Canadian Establishment that runs the media, the Government, and the corporations who control life as it is carried on in Canada.

When Israel's claim to be defending itself, turned out to be merely a cover to turn Palestinian civilians - including many hundreds of women and children - into roadkill, the world was revolted.

3 (Three) Israeli civilians "rocket" deaths as the trigger excuse to kill 1,384 Palestinians - overwhelmingly non-combatants (894 civilians, 284 children, 111 women)? Who would possibly buy into that? Besides George Bush? (Human Rights & Min of Health figures)

The UN Security Council voted 14-0 for Israel to stop the horrifically disproportionate use of force that turned Muslim civilians into roadkill.

Thousands of outraged people protested in many countries of the world.

Seen from a Canadian perspective, and factoring in a proportional loss in Canadian lives from a similar punitive police action with missiles, tanks, and guns, on downtown Toronto, this would have been the equivalent of 11,093 Canadians slaughtered:
- 7,7307 civilians including:

- 2,325 children
- 897 women

But from the Canadian Establishment - not a peep... not a tear... but from many, a cheer...

In the unfolding 21st century, it just doesn't cut it anymore, to be non-white, or non-Judaeo-Christian, and qualify for Canadian compassion.

But you can qualify as roadkill...

In 2006 Canada's Prime Minister praised the Israelis for their "measured" approach to killing civilians, even though Canadian women and children were killed. No tears from him...

Current Canadian Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff forgot himself for a moment and said Israel might be guilty of war crimes in Lebanon - then quickly retracted, for some reason... Though the women and children - Muslim and Canadian - weren't any less dead...

In 2009 none of Canada's top politicians expressed any outrage whatsoever about the escalated killings of innocent Muslim women and children.

Not a peep... To them, it appears, there are no innocents in the Muslim world - they're all just mere roadkill...

Ahh... politicians...

Toronto Star headline part way into the Israeli attack

Orig. web page
Found - Toronto, ON

Above a newspaper headline you can find every couple of years to describe what the Israeli Defence Forces do, very successfully, with great regularity, to neighbouring Muslim women and children - turn them into roadkill.

Canadians can take great pride that, never in the entire history of Canada - some 400 years compared to Israel's short 60 - has anything even marginally approaching such a ghastly headline ever been written about Canada or Canadians.

The full horror in the comparison is that while Canada has been through numerous, awful, full scale wars between nations in that time (France, Britain, the US), which are usually used as the excuse for turning innocent people into roadkill, and consistently were, and are, in the United States, that has never been the case in Canada.

The human rights horror in Israel can't even use the mitigating "fog of war" excuse, because the dead women and children are not the result of a similar "war between states," with the massive deployments of combating armaments that that entails, and provides the traditional excuse of collateral damage.

All the thousands of Muslim civilians, women and children, that the Israeli Defence Forces have killed, in the last 30 years, have all been from one-sided, single-minded, punitive police expeditions, into the home territories of Muslims, and into the very neighbourhoods where helpless women and children live, laugh, and play - but not for long...

And the purpose is plain enough, and inescapable, from the resulting statistics, which never change, and are repeated, every couple of years, in their endless horror.

For years, those of us who have spent time in Israel, marveled at how they made the desert bloom. But history teaches us - but apparently not the Israelis - that the nobility of a state is better judged by how it treats its minorities. Go see the Muslim neighbourhoods, on which the IDF makes regular visits, before you evaluate what Israel is all about.

Si monumentum requiris circumspice

(Israel did not declare war on Lebanon, and Lebanon did not fight back, during Israel's punishing police invasion of that country in 2006, again killing some 1,200 Muslims (mostly women and children) in their homes, schools, and mosques.

In fact of 12 foreign countries who had innocents killed by the Israelis there, Canada suffered the second highest casualties, with 8 dead non-combatants, half children.

Canada's Prime Minister Harper said all this was fine with him, that the casualty figures showed him that Israel's military campaign was quite "measured," and so quite within the bounds of what he considers civilized behaviour. Israeli politicians and public opinion did not agree with him; they were unanimous that they had not been ruthless enough, and would rectify that the next time out. The world waited with impending horror...

The Palestinians in Gaza found out, as the body count of civilians was vastly increased in 2009, presumably because Israelis believe women give birth to guerillas, and children grow up to be freedom fighters...)