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An absolutely fabulous example of Norval Morrisseau at his peak of performance - in the late 1970s - as, not only Canada's most famous, most original, and most accomplished Aboriginal artist, but one of Canada's top painters of all time.

Norval was the first to paint the legends and myths of the Eastern Woodland First Nations people, which previously had been passed on only by oral tradition.

His painting gave visual form to stories that previously had only been expressed verbally, and exported them from the woods and remote villages of Northern Ontario, across Canada and around the world.

Shaman Envelopes Soma, 1976 - Norval Morrisseau
Orig. acrylic on canvas - Size - 42" x 52"
Found - Pickering, ON
Signed, front syllabics, on back Shaman Envelopes Soma, Norval Morrisseau 1976

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