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Wm Armstrong Fake 2

Great Canadian Portraits

William Armstrong - 1822-1914 - Fake 2

You Pick the Fake!

In 2004, at a leading Canadian art auction the following four canvases were labelled as the work of William Armstrong. The signatures of all four have been enlarged. Did the buyers ask themselves beforehand, 'Compared to his body of known work and subjects, would William Armstrong have painted any one or all of the paintings shown?'

If they believed he may have, then do "his" signatures appear authentic, compared to other proven signatures of his that have been previously certified as genuine. Below we offer enlargements of all four signatures.















One of the telltale signs of forgery by people changing or adding signatures are the smudging around the area where the signature is. Note the significant smudging here.

In the other fake we feature on the site, smudging was involved in removing the old signature where they usually are, at the bottom.

The new Armstrong signature was added up further inside the picture.

Remember, you may not be an art expert but you have eyes, and a brain. Use them, instead of believing what art auctioneers tell you.