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Stan Hunt III (1958 - )

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Stan Hunt III was born March 24th, 1958 in Alert Bay, a small fishing village located along the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

It is a rich cultural centre for the Kwakwaka’wakw People and a source of inspiration for many artisans, including Stan. He grew up in Kingcome Inlet, where, as a young child, he would watch his grandfather, Charlie Willie, carve masks and utensils for use in tribal potlatch ceremonies.

The local animals that sustained their people in the past, also inspired the village carvers when they created their tribal costumes.

Like his forefathers before him, Stan cut these masks from solid chunks of red cedar, then hollowed them out and carved them to fit as a ceremonial headdress that fitted down just to above the eyebrows.

Eagle Mask - Stan Hunt III 1985
Orig. cedar carving - Size - 10"w x 12"h x 18.5"
Found - Massett, BC
Signed Stan Hunt III Kwakiutl Kingcome Inlet 1985
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Another fabulous work from the master carver.

Far from being tourist trinkets masks like this are still commonly used during tribal celbrations featuring costumed dancers accompanied by loud and enthusiastic drumming, oftne on a large hollow log pounded in rhythm by seven or eight drummers.

Wolf Mask - Stan Hunt III c1988
Orig. cedar carving - Size - 7"w x 13"h x 20"
Found - Massett, BC
The Great Blue Heron no doubt inspired these two masks also created by Stan.
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