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Great Canadian Artists

Gino Cavicchioli

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Another fine work by Gino, this time of Canada's most famous songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot, who since the 1960s has penned some of the finest songs ever written anywhere by anyone. That's half a century...

Once again, Gino has wonderfully transcended the medium and remarkably brought out the inner life of the man to animate the bust.

It's as if Gordon is right there, and at his best, just exactly the way we all want to remember the man whose songs so many of us have sung countless times over the passing decades.


Bust, Gordon Lightfoot - Gino Cavicchioli
Orig. bust - Size - huge
Found - Hamilton, ON
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

In the tradition of Hébert, MacCarthy, Laliberté, Allward, and Jobin, are the fabulous sculptural portraits of Gino Cavicchioli, of Hamilton, Ontario.

That's Lincoln Alexander, a former Lieutenant- Governor of the Province of Ontario sporting the genial smile which made him a favourite with countless Ontarians of all ages.

It projects wonderfully the inner life of a man which is most difficult even for the best artists to coax out of clay, marble, or plaster.

But then wouldn't you smile to have your chin tickled by such a charming admirer.

Busts of this size are rarely commissioned because they are monumental not life size.

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Bust, Lincoln Alexander - Gino Cavicchioli
Orig. bust and model - Bust Size - humongous, Lincoln's we mean
Found - Hamilton, ON