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Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Valley of the Kicking Horse - Otto Planding c 1930
Orig. oil on canvas, on stretcher - Size - 51 x 71 cm (20 x 28 ")
Found - Paris, ON
Another amazing mountain scenic. Otto's art seemed to rise to new levels when he viewed and painted Canada's spectacular Rocky Mountains.
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Lake Louise - Otto Planding c 1930
Orig. oil on canvas, framed - Image Size - 46 x 76 cm (18 x 30")
Found - Toronto, ON

Otto Planding came to Canada from Germany in 1913.  From the moment of his arrival from Germany, until his death in 1964, he supported himself exclusively by painting. 

He lived very humbly in Toronto and avoided luxuries. He painted mostly in the countryside north of Toronto, in the Georgian Bay Area, where many wealthy people had summer homes by the lake.

He died at the age of 77 without a will in a rented room.  His entire estate was comprised of $52.00 in cash and three recently completed paintings.

Simply the finest painting by Otto Planding we've ever seen.

And without a doubt the finest painting of Lake Louise we've ever seen, and we've seen paintings of this famous location by most of Canada's finest artists, including FM Bell-Smith, T Mower Martin, Marmaduke Mathews, Owen Staples, and countless others. Otto outdid them all...

None ever managed to top this stunningly beautiful and evocative painting of Canada's most famous and most painted scenic location.

This works is also considerably larger than most of Otto's other paintings. It is also unique in that it is one of the very few paintings Otto painted of a known scene. Most of his other works just depict anonymous scenics of trees and lakes that could be anywhere.


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Otto Planding - 1887 - 1964