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Mackenzie Crossing the Rockies in 1793, Arthur Heming
Orig. print - Size - 36 x 44 cms
Found - Toronto, ON

Signed and titled by the master himself is this stunning print of Mackenzie flying down the Fraser all aglow in Heming light. Heming has caught the danger, the incredible high that he himself had experienced by traveling down these same waterways and tempting the same enemy - huge waves, and menacing black rocks ready to drown you or tear you to pieces and spit you out at the bottom.

The boat is merely bark, and the danger massive. But these are Canadians, Heming tells us. Have no fear. Their unrivalled skills as wilderness boatmen will see them through, time and again, safely to the end.

We're not sure which one is Mackenzie; but we are certain that holding pride of place in the bow is a sash and toque bedecked French-Canadian or Métis boatman, without peers in wild river navigation.

Arthur Heming - 1870-1940 - 4

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Art Heming Romantic

For all his passion about accurately conveying Canada's wilderness outdoors, in word and oil, for stay-at-home Canadians, Art Heming was an incurable romantic in his painting.

He imbued his historical pictures with the romance of Canadian history in a way that was never surpassed by any of his equally talented contemporary master painters: JD Kelly, Art Hider, CW Jefferys, and Owen Staples.

But none of them captured the power of that romance with the command that he did.

Art Hider's horses were magnificent, JD Kelly's staging was amazing, and CW Jefferys accuracy detailed to a fault.

But none matched the power of the sound that roared off Arthur Heming's historical canvases, or the magical light with which he bathed his scenes.

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