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Great Canadian History

The Battle of Lundy's Lane, Niagara Frontier, 1813

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

After the Americans invaded Canada during 1812, the British and Canadians advanced from Niagara-on-the-Lake to throw them back.

At Lundy's Lane, in the heart of today's Niagara Falls, they clashed. Today one can still visit the churchyard on the hill among the graves and stand on the spot where one of the bloodiest battles of the entire war was fought, much of it in the dead of night. No one could tell friend from foe; the slaughter was fearful.

In the morning the Americans had retreated back towards Fort Erie; the British buried the dead around the little church.

Through the years, souvenir hunters salvaged relics from the battlefield. At the left is canister shot from the battle. The small ones are British; the large, oval ones, are American. What a story they could tell.

They were found in Beamsville, ON.


Canister, case, or grape shot were intended as anti-personnel weapons. About a dozen of these balls were enclosed in a metal canister (canister shot) and fired from a canon. Some were tied up in canvas bags (grape shot). When fired, the container burst, and the balls sprayed out in all directions cutting down anyone who happened to be in the way.

Canister shot, Battlefield of Lundy's Lane, 1813
Cast iron shot - Size - US oval 2", British round 1.5"
Found - Vineland, ON
Collected from Battlefield at Lundy's Lane early 1900s