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Great Canadian Ships of Shame - 1914, 1939, 2010

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Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A fabulous discovery, a real photo on a postcard - no reproduction dots, thank you - of the Hamburg-America Line MV St. Louis, that was posted in the depths of World War II in Germany.

Clearly this photo was taken before the war, in the 1930s as the ship is being towed out of Hamburg harbour, where the postcard also originates.

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It was sent on Aug. 2, 1942, begins "My Dear Maria!..." and it's signed "your Otto."

What ever became of them? We can be almost certain that neither survived the next two-and-a-half years of war.

Maria was almost certainly killed in the shelling and numerous bombings (at least 16) of Erfurt. On February 25, 1945, in one attack alone, British bombers destroyed 74% of  the medieval centre and killed 8,800 civilians, or 21% of its population.

Up to 3,000,000 German civilians died in WW2. By comparison Canada lost 0 (zero) civilians. Do Canadians know what war is?

It's virtually certain Otto did not survive either, but was one of some 5,500,000 German soldiers who died in the Holocaust that was World War II.

By comparison Canada lost a mere 45,000 soldiers. Do Canadians know what war is?

Then why don't they stop their government from using the Canadian Forces to continue unleashing a nine year long Holocaust against Muslims in Afghanistan...?

WWII Postcard, MV St. Louis - Germany 1942

Orig. photo pc - Image Size - 10.5 x 15 cm
Found - Nottingham, UK


Love and War - Maria and Otto... The hand that wrote it, the hand that received it, two of some 8,000,000 Germans consumed by the mad dogs of war...

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure An absolutely fabulous discovery, two superb watercolours of Canada's most infamous ship, the Hamburg America liner MS St. Louis. She knew Canada well... too well, some would say.

Built in 1925, this luxury liner travelled the North Atlantic many times in the 1920s and 30s, carrying immigrants and tourists between Hamburg, Germany, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

But her most famous voyage started May 13, 1939, when she carried over 900 Jewish passengers from Hamburg, fleeing Nazi Germany for resettlement to Cuba. But a new government there refused all but 29 permission to disembark.

Panic erupted among passengers, faced with having to return to the vicious regime in Nazi Germany on the eve of a looming war, only a few months away.

German Captain Gustav Schroder tried to delay leaving Cuba as long as possible, as Jewish groups attempted to find alternative ports to disembark. Schroder attempted a landing in Florida, but a warning shot from a US Coast Guard vessel stopped him from approaching the American shore. The US didn't want any Jews, thank you.

Last minute attempts by Jewish organizations to arrange a landing in Canada for the frantic passengers came to naught.

Questioned about how many desperate Jewish refugees Canada would accept, a Canadian civil servant, smirked, "None is too many."

Captain Schroder had to bypass Halifax, where he had landed many times before, because a racist Prime Minister and racist civil servants prevented a landfall there, and Canada becoming a safe haven for political refugees facing almost certain death if returned to Nazi Germany.

But none of the elite Canadian politicians and bureaucrats gave a damn. Racism was the private and public posture of Canada's elite classes.

Watercolour, MS St Louis - C Weppler 1936

Orig. wc - Image Size - 31 x 40 cm
Found - London, ON

We have seen a postcard, mailed in 1942, bearing an Adolf Hitler stamp, that featured this very picture, in black and white. Perhaps this was the original painting by the publishing company's resident artist, or by an employee of the Hamburg America Line publicity department, which only survived the war because it was brought to Canada.

Captain Schroder thought of beaching the boat in England, but was finally persuaded to land his passengers in Belgium, on June 17, 1939, where they were distributed to different countries

Some 200 Jewish passengers were accepted by each of Britain, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

The US took not one; Canada took not one...

So Canadian creepiness, slavishly following the American racist example has a long and sordid past...

When the Nazis invaded Belgium and France, in May 1940, the mad dogs of war overwhelmed the Jewish refugees in their harbouring Allied countries, along with the other civilians.

Of the 620 Jewish passengers who were resettled in continental Europe only 365 survived the war. Some 255 who had sailed in St Louis, perished in World War II.

Had Canada had decent political leadership those 255 women, children, and men could have survived the war.

Here the St. Louis is being towed out of Hamburg harbour by the tug Moorwarder - a city and suburb of Hamburg - flying the Nazi flag, as is the St. Louis herself. Another Hamburg America liner is sounding a farewell horn in the background.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure A companion watercolour by C Weppler, of the Hambug America liner MS St. Louis.

The 1920s was a glorious time for the rich to go on cruise ship holidays in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Here the St. Louis is very likely on a grand tour of a Norwegian fiord.

After St. Louis disembarked her passenger in Belgium she returned to Germany empty.

Within a few months war erupted. She became living quarters for German naval officers and was damaged during allied bombings in 1944.

She survived the war, served as a hotel ship, and was scrapped in 1952.

Captain Gustav Schroder was honoured by the German Government in 1952 for his part in the St Louis affair.

He was also honoured with a "Good Guy for a Goy" award by the state of Israel in 1993, for having done as much as humanly possible to save the lives of his Jewish passengers.

A book and movie Voyage of the Damned chronicled the racism that is forever lurking in the hearts and minds of men who possess expensive suits and women and who control the organs of government in the democracies of western Europe.

Watercolour, MS St Louis - C Weppler 1936
Orig. wc - Image Size - 31 x 40 cm
Found - London, ON

"Terrorists ... human smugglers... a criminal enterprise."
- Vic Toews, Canadian Minister of Public Safety

Those who think the racism of Canadian officialdom that sent Jews to their deaths in 1939, is only dusty history, would be wrong. It was "current events" - real live drama - for the Jewish women, children, and men who experienced the racist rejection and victimization.

And those who think,."Well, true enough, it was bad, but hey, that was then, this is now, Get real. We don't have racial discrimination among government officials anymore," would be wrong as well.

In fact, the same kind of racist mind set among politicians that sent the Jews back home to their deaths, is routinely displayed by the top politicians operating the Canadian levers of power in the 21st century.

In August 2010, the MV Sun right overcrowded with 491 Tamils, hoped, like the St. Louis, to find Canada a welcoming refuge after three months at sea, fleeing from Sri Lanka, where they claimed a racist regime had killed thousands of their countrymen. Instead they faced official hostility.

Their pleas for help fell on deaf ears in Canada where a heartless Canadian Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews used harsh words to tar the women, children, and men on the Sun, including: "terrorists," "smugglers," "criminals." They sound suspicioulsy like they were robably borrowed directly from Canadian politicians of 1939...

"All criminals on-board," he said, "will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law... We want to send a very clear message not only to individuals currently involved but to those watching this situation that this is an act Canada does not encourage."

The Canadian Government's comments, predictably, triggered a huge flood of angry blog emails, from the darker parts of the country, demanding harsh action against these terrorists, and condemning them with sentiments that must have gladdened Minister Toews, as much as the heart of Hitler's own propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, from wherever he is watching the developments, with more than a little approval.

Then the Government immediately started fast-tracking measures and legislation, through Parliament, which, for all we know, sounds like it might include Canadian war ships shooting at refugee ships on the high seas - like the Americans did to the St. Louis in 1939 - or torpedoing them, if they come too close to Canadian shores, so that no more shiploads of non-Judeo-Christian "criminals" and "terrorists" will feel free in future to bring their families to safety in Canada, on board ships like the Sun, and the St. Louis...

It had taken 71 years but finally the Canadian Government of Stephen Harper was drafting legislation to stop desperate refugee boat people like Indians on the Komogatu Maru (1914), Jews on the St. Louis (1939), and Tamils on the MS Sun (2010), from thinking they can find Canada a safe haven, even if they are escaping murderous regimes back home. The successive Canadian governments all considered the "boat people" as objectionable and a poor fit for their idea of Canada because they were "non-white and non-Christian."

Any survivors of the St. Louis, now very aged, would have shaken their heads in utter disbelief - does nothing ever change in the mind set of the political elites...?

Has Canada learned nothing about progress in Human Rights?

In October 2010, the members of the United Nations would decisively cast their vote on the subject...

The "Cowardly" Germans in 2010

The astonishing recovery that Germany has made, in the eyes of the world, since the Nazis victimized the St. Louis Jews is amazing.

And the World Turned Upside Down... - In international polls, taken to test the popularity of nations as they are perceived around the world, Germany repeatedly ranks at the top, showing how profoundly Germans, the pariah nationals of the 1930s and 40s, have completely reshaped their image in the eyes of the world.

Conversely, the same polls, rate Israel, founded as a noble experiment by Jews, including some survivors of the St. Louis, at the bottom of the heap, as the leading pariah nation of the 21st century, because of her continuous, and egregious human rights violations, and repeated massacres of Muslim women, children, and men.

And Canadian politicians, Mainstream Media moguls, and calumnists have loudly made cause with anything Israel wants to do, anywhere, any time, against anybody, with nary a murmur of dissent...

Now guess, what are Canada's chances for getting the world community to vote it a seat on the Security Council?

Among the same UN voters who gave a decisive thumbs down on Canada's embarrassing human rights record, Germany was a shoo-in for first place for a Security Council seat, while Canada was a distant third, and stunningly shameful, last.

The looming catastrophic defeat for Canada, in a run-off vote, was so stunningly obvious, that the cowardly Canadians withdrew from the competition because they feared they would end up with only a dozen votes or less, from the world body of 200.

Germans - and Japanese - have a difficult diplomatic and political path to sort out because of horrible pasts in World War II.

The Germans have done it masterfully. The top politicians were recruited by the victorious Allied NATO powers to join the white Judeo-christian Crusade against the Muslims in far away Afghanistan, though most Germans thought it smacked too much of their own horrid racist past.

But unlike the Canadians, the Germans played it smart, in Afghanistan. They knew the world - overwhelmingly non-white, and non Judeo-Christian - was watching

So Germany insisted on sending its troops, acting more like policemen, into the far northern, more peaceful part of Afghanistan.

While Canadian pit bull General "Killer" Hillier insisted Canadians be sent to a real war zone "Our job is to be able to kill people." And where, thanks to billions of dollars of bullets, shells, and bombs, they have managed to bag a goodly number of Muslim women, children, and men.

And the world was watching the Canadians at work...

And while Canadians have lost over 150 soldiers, in fighting Muslims, the Germans with double the number of soldiers in the field, as the Canadians, have lost only 48 dead.

More stunning is the fact that while almost all Canada's 150 plus dead died in combat related incidents, most of the Germans died in vehicle or plane crashes, from suicide, and other non-combat incidents.

Probably 15 or so could be classified as combat deaths similar to those that characterized the Canadian fatalities.

Afghans, and the world community, clearly recognized, big time, the German reticence to shoot up Afghanistan, and the low number of Muslims they have killed as a result. As distinct from the Canadian position, loudly stated by Canadian top commander General "Killer" Hillier, that "We are the Canadian Forces, and our job is to be able to kill people."

Which is why Canadian politicians, from Peter MacKay on down, and bloodthirsty Mainstream pro-war Journalists like Rosie diManno, and Christie Blatchford, have, for years, publicly sneered that the Germans are cowardly, and are not pulling their weight in the killing game so beloved by the Canadian generals, Mainstream Media moguls, and leading politicians.

The difference in attitude and behaviour, between the two NATO partners, accounts for the resounding vote of confidence at the UN for Germany and the derisive dissing of Canada.

UN members - even Muslim states - can take pride in a representation by Germans at the head table where world influencing decisions are made.

Conversely, no one wants "Killer" Hillier or his friends at the table.

Which is why, in the end, the UN gave German "cowardice" a resounding "thumbs up," and saluted Canada's Prime Minster Harper, Peter MacKay, and General "Killer" Hillier, with a loud Bronx Cheer heard around the world...

In fact it is comforting, for most Canadians, to see that they are not alone, that most people around the world see the Canadian Conservative minority Government exactly the same way they see it, as a rogue regime on a racist rampage against far off Muslims.

In fact the vast majority of Canadian voters opposed the Harper minority government, which manages to rule by getting only 37.6% of the popular vote.

62% of Canadian voters, desperately, wanted/want someone else. So the UN vote was not against the good people of Canada, but against the rogue regime of right wing extremists who have, temporarily, managed to seize the reins of power, while the Liberal Opposition continues its long struggle to find someone even marginally half decent as an alternative.

In fact the back room operatives of the two main political parties have offered Canadians a choice of two men who are totally identical in their political beliefs, which are at odds with the 62% of Canadians looking for a decent government leader to represent their viewpoint.

For several years now, most Canadians have had no choice but to gag, whether looking to the Right or Left.

In fact both Harper and Opposition Leader Ignatieff promoted the racist war - you know the white European Judeo-Christians against non-white Muslim Iraq - which the Canadian public massively opposed.

And both promoted the torture, with variations of glee, of Muslim prisoners, if it could be beneficial to the "good guys." It's why Harper has, cheerily, left a Canadian citizen, the Muslim Omar Khadr, in the hands of the US torture chamber in Guantanamo Bay for eight years.

Harper is, in fact, notorious around the world, as the only government leader who refused to demand that the US repatriate his country's nationals captured for torture - yep, all Muslims - by the Americans.

So now do you see why the UN did not vote for the Harper Government to get a seat at the Security Council...?

So what has changed in Canada, since a racist Prime Minister Mackenzie King sent the St. Louis Jews off to their deaths, at the hands of the Nazis...?

Well, Canadians, these days, are doing the dirty work, by themselves... As top General Hillier proudly trumpeted to the Canadian media...

"We are the Canadian Forces and our job is to be able to kill people."

Now do you see...


The real fear of the Canadian Conservative Government is that the millions of Palestinians, who have been displaced from their homelands by Israel, and have been targetted by routine military massacres, every couple of years, might suddenly jump on board ships and come to Canada.

For however much the Canadian Government is hostile to Tamils, as boat people - it declared their freedom fighters in Sri Lanka as "international terrorists" - it is absolutely, and violently opposed to Muslims showing up in refugee ships in Canada.

In fact Canada is one of the very few white European Judeo-Christian countries actively waging a vicious nine year war with its Armed Forces against Muslims in Afghanistan, a fact which is, overwhelmingly, the main reason that the vast majority of countries voting at the United Nations, deliberately shunned giving Canada their vote for a seat on the Security Council in October, 2010.

It is the most stunning rejection of Canada and Canadians by the world community since the League of Nations (pre-cursor of the UN) was founded in 1920.

Astonishing...? NOT!

We predicted this exact result over two years ago... when the Harper Government launched its bid for a seat on the UN Security Council, and began spending some serious cash, hoping to grease the way by buying overseas votes with multi-millions of Canadian tax payer dollars... but all the while keeping the Canadian Forces shooting up the local Muslims in Afghanistan... Duuuhhh...!

Canada's ever toadying Mainstream Media was caught - hey it's so predictable - completely off guard by the defeat, with many leading journalists, top politicians, and elite civil servants, assuring Canadians over the past few months, that Canada "had it in the bag."

Canadian journalists are notorious for spending far too much time cosying up to their political and corporate cronies - who've promoted the anti-Muslim war endlessly - and recopying each other's columns and opinions, instead of tuning into the reality of opinion makers outside Canada, where the overwhelming mass of humanity lives... and watches what Canadians stand for...

If anything was ever completely predicable, the hugely humiliating and lop-sided UN vote was... and Canadian journalists, en masse, missed it completely...

In fact, that's the story - not the losing UN vote - but the enormous disconnect, of the toadying Canadian media, from the non-white, non-Christian world, where Canada is primarily known as the home of the Canadian Forces, who have, for years, been blasting Muslim women, children, and men, to smithereens...

It's not rocket science kids...

It is, by far, the biggest black eye Canada, and the politicians it has selected to govern, has ever received from the international community, in its entire history.

A deliberate slap in the face, from the billions of non-Judeo-Christian, non-white, Peoples of the World, whom God placed in the greatest abundance on the planet...

Because the same mind set that made the St. Louis the "Ship of the Damned," in 1939, continues to fester among the political elites in Canada in 2010...

Countdown to the Coming Con...

We also predicted, over two years ago, that the Harper Government was just playing the spin game in saying that it would, no ifs, ands, or buts, pull Canadian Forces out of Afghanistan in 2011.

We said that this was a con on the Canadian people, and was only the main plank in the Canadian Government's campaign to curry favour in the non-white, non-Judeo-Christian world for support to gain a seat on the UN's Security Council.

(His Security Council Glasses - In an act of unbelievably calculated chutzpah Prime Minister Harper, who, with his ministers, has for years, regularly dissed the UN, as per instructions from Israel, took up the role of a crafty carney barker, making two unseemly trips to the UN to try to undo the damage, and pitch his personal case for a seat. In the final weeks of his campaign he even started wearing his "Security Council glasses," so he would appear more professorial, and hopefully more believable than he usually is in his baby-face getup.)

With the UN campaign a dismal failure, the way is now clear for the Harper Government to announce it will keep the Canadian Forces shooting troops in Afghanistan beyond 2011, just like the Americans have wanted it to all along.

The Mainstream Media calumnists have, universally, and for years, restated Harper's clearly bogus position as if it were an unalterable truth.

Their job, in this spin game to suck in the Canadian voter, too, has been clear from the beginning. Just as instructed by their media mogul bosses, they have treated the Harper Government's constantly stated position on complete troop evacuation by 2011, as fixed.

Their job: remake Prime Minister Harper as a man of principle, from the consummate con man he has always proven he is. To try to reassure Canadians, the majority of whom have always opposed the war against the Muslims in Afghanistan, that there is no basis to challenge his honesty to stand by his repeated promise to leave Afghanistan by 2011.

Act II of this Mainstream Media plot will portray the crafty and coldly diabolical Harper having a sudden "principled conversion" and announce that the Canadian Forces will stay in Afghanistan indefinitely "as requested by NATO leaders" and "President Karzai and the women and children of Afghanistan."

And the media calumnists will say, "however disappointed most Canadians are with the Prime Minister's complete turnaround on this issue, clearly Mr. Harper was a man of conscience and saw no other choice but to reverse himself on a point of principle, and respond favourable to the call of his NATO allies, the UN, President Karzai, and the pleading call of the women and children of Afghanistan, to keep Canadian Forces in Afghanistan indefinitely."

It's why most Canadians would rather throw up, than go on to the porch to retrieve the morning paper...

That this has been the resolute and secret aim of the Harper Government from the beginning, has escaped no one, except the toadying calumnists of the Mainstream Media, who have no principles that govern their views other than paycheck, and pension, and keeping their arch-Conservative media mogul bosses contented with what they present in their daily copy.

One predictable thing about politics in the Canadian Democracy of the 21st century, is that if you just aim low enough you're sure to bag more than your fair share of slithering top Canadian politicians and Mainstream Media calumnists...

The only thing that is unpredictable is the exact date that Prime Minister Harper will make his announcement that the shooting Canadian Forces will, after all, stay on in Afghanistan past 2011.

The date he will put Afghan women, children, and men, on notice that they will continue to die at the hands of Canadian bombs, bullets, and shells, far into the future...

Which we also predicted... oh, so long ago...

The next vote for a seat on the Security Council for Canada is ten long years away...

So there's lots of time to get lots more killing in...

And take revenge on all those ingrates who voted against Canada...

The Original Ship of Shame - Komogatu Maru, 1914

Canada has had a problem with boat people from the beginning, if they were the wrong colour or religion, even if they were citizens of the British Empire. Whites with British passports could jump the queue; non-whites would be shot out of the water if they tried to come in.

Below the official welcome of Canada to unacceptable immigrants as the warship Rainbow, anchors near the Komogatu Maru in Vancouver harbour.

In 1914, when 354 non-whites from India, all carrying British passports, tried to land in Vancouver, they were stopped from offloading.

The Canadian warship HMCS Rainbow - Canada's first, commissioned in 1910 - ushered in the career of the Canadian Navy by anchoring nearby, with its guns ready to blast women, children, and men out of the water if they tried to disembark.

For two months the ship lay under the cocked Canadian guns. The passengers were denied food and water - sympathisers smuggled some to women and children..

Women, children, and men started to starve. To no avail.

Faced with starving to death, or being blasted to death by the Canadian Navy, the Komogatu Maru departed. (On their return to India some 20 passengers were shot to death in a confrontation with British soldiers.)

The Canadian Conservative Government had sent a clear signal that political refugees were not welcome, should return home and face the music. Clearly Canada's doors were not open to non-whites or non-Christian refugees.

A message conveyed again to Jews on the St. Louis 25 years later.

It's a timeless message, passed on again, to the Tamils fleeing massacres in their homeland, by the Conservative Government in October 2010.

Canadian/Israeli Ship of Shame - Mavi Marmara, 2010

And the World Turned Upside Down - In May, 2010 commandoes from Israel - founded by Jews, including some from the St. Louis - attacked an unarmed Peace Ship full of humanitarian activists bringing food and medical supplies to give relief to Palestinians, who were completely blockaded by the Israeli Defence Forces.

Israelis attacked a ship - and a peaceful ship at that - on the high seas, which is a crime under international law.

Then the Israelis, who had the only guns, compounded the egregious crime by opening fire and killing 9 Muslims of Turkish and American background.

A courageous Israeli Arab Member of Parliament charged that it was clear that the commandoes had been given "shoot to kill" instructions from the beginning. She was loudly vilified, and had her parliamentary immunity removed, by other Knesset members.

A Canadian peace activist Kevin Neish was aboard as the Israelis took aggressive possession of the Mavi Marmara as their own, as the biggest ship of shame scandal in the 21st century.

Go to Eyewitness to Israeli Ship of Shame

Why History Repeats on Me - The state founded exclusively by the descendants of people who complained about Canadian racism, in not letting the St. Louis land in Canada, is today routinely doing far worse to a members of a minority group it routinely vilifies, victimizes, and kills in the thousands: Muslim women, children, and men, in Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank. In the name of some high sounding principle that escapes those knowledgeable in international law, human rights activists, and the overwhelming majority of the nations in the rest of the world...

Canadian Peace Activist, Wendy Goldsmith explained the imperative activists feel about hoping to send a Canadian boat to Palestine: “The Canadian Government has been consistently complicit with Israeli policies and actions that clearly violate international law, and so it is up to civil society to take a principled stand against the Israeli siege and for the people of Gaza.”

Regarding the blockade of Palestinian Muslims by Israel, former US President Jimmy Carter: "It's an atrocity what is being perpetrated as punishment on the people in Gaza. It's a crime... I think it is an abomination that this continues to go on."

In 2002 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize: "for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development".

Canada used to have globalizing people like him, who won the admiration of most Canadians, and people around the world...

Like Lester Pearson, a Canadian Prime Minister who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957, for coming up with a solution to prevent what would have been a "catastrophic war."

No more...

Today's politicians - especially those at the top - are transparent toadies of corporate lobbyists - whose money and media support they crave to win their elections, and then to have financial rewards in the political afterlife.

They only have ears for corporate promises of outrageously high paying executive appointments - provided they will only do their bidding while in office - during what they know is an extremely short turn on the stage of political control in Ottawa.

In the last 30 years, since 1980, Canada has had 8 Prime Ministers, for an average term in office of 3.75 years.

Which means they have hardly any time at all to reach into the tax payer's pocket, to grab and parcel out the millions and billions there, on their friends, associates, and corporate cronies. They know they have to move fast...

Which is why Harper, within a couple of years in office, quickly gave billions of contracts away - the largest in sole source military handouts. Never in Canadian history have lobbyist made so many hundreds of millions in kickbacks from selling access to top Canadian politicians and civil servants.

In order to enrich his cronies, Harper has spent, not only a huge surplus left by the previous Liberal Government, but mortgaged future generations of Canadians to the hilt...

He will be guaranteed millions in compensation, in the afterlife, as he is now over his allotted 3.75 years watching the nation's kitty. But then, hey, he has accomplished what he set out to do... and there's nothing left inside...

The voter's concerns are somewhere way down the road...

It's what passes for democracy in Canada in the 21st century.

It is a truism that never before in history have the majority of Canadians so loathed the leadership of the top two political parties in Canada.

Including Bob Rae, once - in the 20th century - the most principled man in Canadian politics, of the ultra liberal NDP - hell he was even elected as Premier of Ontario because of it - has degenerated, in old age, to promote sectarian agendas of the most fascist right wing kind, in openly promoting the race war against the Muslims, and squashing Parliamentary free speech on the topic...

It is a truism that never before in history have so many Canadians dumped the right wing rags like the Globe for its transparently racist "war against the Muslims" boostering editorials like the one below Nov. 13, 2010

Go to Canadians Sing About Harper and Ignatieff

The Globe's Editorial Board is every bit as idiotic and dishonest in its con about the "end of the combat role for Canada," as was George Bush with his notorious "mission accomplished" statement.

And it's as patently deceitful as Obama's recent claim that America had "withdrawn all combat troops from Iraq" while, in fact leaving behind an armed force of American soldiers that is the same size as the entire Canadian Forces - air, army, and navy.

On top of which there also remain some 30 - 40,000 US mercenary contract soldiers who are never part of the public debate.

So in fact 100,000 American shooting military and para-military gunmen remain in Iraq, after Obama withdrew "all combat troops."

But deception and lying are what top politicians, their corporate cronies, and the mainstream media are all about. And the Canadians are gleefully picking up where Bush and Obama led.

Harper, Ignatieff, and Rae, allow 1,000 Canadian troops, supposed to be there to train, but are indistinguishable from the combat troops, and are as heavily armed and willing to shoot to kill Muslims as before.

The number of Canadian mercenary troops - untold thousands - paid for, from secret government petty cash funds, by the Parliament of Canada but not accountable to it, and unknown to most Canadians, will increase substantially to make the number of Canadian guns available close to what it was before.

Now do you know why virtually no one voted for Canada for a seat on the UN's Security Council
on Oct. 12, 2010

If you can believe this, neither ultra right-wing Canadian Prime Minister Harper nor Liberal Opposition Leader Ignatieff - Canadians have long ago stopped trying to tell them apart - criticized the Israeli's illegal boarding of a ship in international waters, or the deliberate killing of nine innocent and unarmed Muslims on the high seas.

Though they offered regrets... to the dead Muslims...

Both are notorious for turning into pretzels to find ways to ingratiate themselves with Canada's ultra powerful Jewish lobby groups, one of whom has just succeeded in planting "their man" as Harper's Chief of Staff (Nov 2010). And another passionate Zionist has succeeded in getting the Prime Minister's wife - whom nobody had ever previously heard from; hell nobody even knows her name, since she's married to the ultimate control freak, who will brook no competition for the limelight - to co-author a highly-publicized letter of protest, on behalf of 1 (one) woman from (possibly) facing execution in Iran. Last we heard, she was still breathing, unlike several unhappy women recently executed in the US... No letter of support for them, though, from these two gals...

If you must know, the letter has nothing to do with human rights - everyone knows neither of these gals really give a hoot for one hapless Muslim woman victim...

After all, this daring duo, of what passes for human rights activists among Canada's elites in the 21st century, have pointedly refused to protest, or write letters on behalf of the very real deaths of thousands of Muslim women and children routinely massacred by the Israelis in the last few years in Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank.

How's that for chutzpah, and a demonstration of who wields real power in Ottawa, where, on Nov. 11, 2010, the PM announced, in a stunning reversal of promises he's made over the past two years - hey, we told you this was coming TWO YEARS AGO - that he would keep Canadian Forces in Afghanistan at least to 2014 - others say in perpetuity - to continue the nine year Holocaust against Muslim women, children, and men.

The new Canadian standard of pretend human rights is enough to make most Canadians - and people around the world - throw up... And these, if you can believe, are the same crowd that wags their finger at China, the Sudan, and one Muslim country after another...

Ii's all just part of a well orchestrated campaign to "prepare the Canadian public in the countdown to war against Iran," which we pointed out as having started two years ago, by mainstream media in the US and Canada (CNN, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Frum, the Globe, the Post, the Star, etc.)

It reached a new intensity with the Canadian-hosted Halifax International Security forum in Nov. 2010, when Canada's top politicians smiled benevolently as leading US Senator Lindsey Graham loudly called for decisive, immediate, and extensive bombing - read Holocaust - of Muslim Iran before it's too late! He need not worry; the indications are overwhelming that the Canadian government and its corporate cronies are on side to offer moral support for the dirty deed.

In the same breath the "kaffeeklatsch" girls chimed in with their Iran dissing letter for the woman. If you don't write letters of protest when hundreds of women and children are massacred, do you have credibility, or ulterior motives, when you do come forward with a letter on behalf of a single (possible) victim?

Sadly neither Canada, nor Israel, have learned anything about basic human rights and decency
from the St. Louis ship of shame experience...

So look for lots more Canadian approval for human rights violations, especially against Muslim groups, in the years ahead...

Don't expect a Nobel Peace Prize for any of these political and tribal plotters...

We hate being the only pundit in North America who has the uncanny ability to know what the principal politicians are going to do in Canada, two years or more before they do it, and long, long before any of the mainstream media calumnists ever figure things out, or more correctly allow themselves to print what they can also see coming down the road, long ahead, but are afraid to print, lest it anger their corporate bosses, like the editorial board of the Globe - read left...

Fired - For Freedom of Speech... by Fascist Fanatics...

Rick Salutin, a Great Canadian, standing tall, among the cowering calumnists of the Canadian mainstream media, who has won the undying respect, and gratitude, of more Canadians, by far, than the entire cackling cadre of Globe editorialists, toadying calumnists who remain on staff, and CTVGlobeMedia board members and executives combined...

Forthright, honest, decent, principled, totally above board as a human being, everything his former employers were not...

One who dared, and paid the price - he was fired in October 2010 - was Rick Salutin, a leading Globe columnist for decades, and a thoroughly decent human being, who saw no inconsistency in being Jewish and holding Israel to account.

He believed strongly that human rights should apply to Palestinians and other Muslims. Though he knew he was running against the grain of the major Canadians Jewish organizations, he criticized Israel when it transgressed international law and violated human rights of Muslim minorities.

The Globe fascists fired him.

So much for free speech in Canada, and a clear example why, if there are decent journalists in the mainstream media, they are keeping their heads down, and read their paper's editorials before they write something.

It's all about keeping the paycheck, expense accounts, and pensions rolling in, thank you...

Rick Salutin was better, than that, much better...

A sterling man of principle who refused to change with the times and descend into making Canada submissive to extreme right wing partisanship and tribal sectarianism which the political and corporate elites in the 21st century were determined to do.

1- Months before George Bush's invasion of Iraq, in 2003, at a time that 36 million people around the globe marched for Peace, and Dubbya swore nothing could be further from his mind, we predicted he would invade the Muslim country. The NATO occupation would end up killing tens of thousands of women, children, and men.

2 - Two years ago we predicted the UN would vote Canada down, while mainstream media journalists were all saying, a week before the vote, that it "looked good" for Canada. It comes from reducing principled journalism - dead long ago in Canada - to cravenly printing the publicity handouts and talking points from their corporate masters who like CTVGlobeMedia are willing to print any garbage in their money losing paper to ingratiate themselves with the Government so it can get favourable rulings and regulations for their huge cash cow - their television empire.

3 - Similarly we predicted, two years ago, that Harper would keep Canadian fighting troops in Afghanistan way past 2011, to 2012, 2013, 2014 - he now, admits to at least 2014, in a huge reversal that he said he would never do. We knew the man better than he knows himself - well the people who pull his strings. And hey, we predict Canadian military forces will be there in 2015...

4 - We also predict that history will show that Canada's secret army of mercenaries - thousands of para-military gunmen are paid enormous salaries with Parliament of Canada dollars, under contract to various Government of Canada departments - will expand to beef up Canada's actual military clout in Afghanistan, without the taxpayers - thanks to dutiful media silence on the issue, by Aspertame at the National Post, Cruickshank at the Star, and editors at CTVGlobeMedia - ever finding out about it.

5 - Iran, watch out - hide your women and children. Two years ago we predicted the coming bombing of Iranians... And we've never been wrong in a prediction yet... The only uncertainty - will it be a US "Fat Boy" or an Israeli one...? The only certainty - the Canadian Government, whether it is the Far Right Conservative Red of Harper, or the Far Right Liberal Red of Ignatieff and Rae, will praise the bombing run, while offering their regrets to the thousands of dead Muslims...

6 - Oh yeah, two years ago we also predicted Michael Ignatieff would never become PM of Canada... His poll numbers have remained dismally low for all that time, and in Nov. 2010, are still sinking. We would bet on our prediction, not on his chances. He looks, talks, and acts, more like a cold, insincere, and passionless dullard with every passing month, without a liberal thought or idea in his head, except war - from the very beginning he promoted the race war against Iraq and Afghanistan - spiced up with a bit of torture - he thought it could be useful if used with discretion on deserving Muslims... Which is why most Canadians will never learn to like this man... Which is also, the only reason everyone ended up - are stuck with - Harper, who rules Canada with only 37% of the popular vote.

7 - Our prediction follows, inevitably, that the Liberals will replace the thoroughly unlikable Ignatieff, when his total and continuous lack of traction with the voters, and against Harper, becomes clear to the backroom con men of the Liberal Party who brought this Bushite right-winger up from the States in the first place, and tried to tart him up as a liberal and Liberal for Canadians.

8 - But hold it - sorry, another prediction you can hold us to - Bob Rae, the runner-up for Iggy's job, is not, at all, the "turn-around" man for the Liberals as next leader... Harper is cackling because he very well knows that Rae will sink the Liberal Party even further in the polls. When he ran against Ignatieff for Liberal Party Leader, Bob Rae was still talking like a decent man. Since then he has degenerated into an unprincipled, right-wing extremist. Canadians disliked Ignatieff because he was, by conviction, a professed war mongerer, and lover of torture. But Canadians dislike Bob Rae even more because they see him as a far worse turncoat. And gag that a far right wing rag like the Globe praises the man who was once the far left wing Premier of Ontario. Once the most decent man in Canadian politics, he degenerated, and was seen to degenerate - the most charitable say debilitating senility is the cause - by his many supporters - into a mean, sectarian right wing war mongerer who did all in his power to promote the war against the Muslims, and to stifle Parliamentary debate on the justness of Canadian soldiers continuing to shoot up Muslims in Afghanistan, as they will now will keep on doing, thanks to men like him, Harper, and Ignatieff, for years to come... Muslims hide your women and children... Bob Rae is coming...

9 - OK, finally. We also predicted, the day after he was elected, that Obama would become a one-term President. So far so good... though we admit we were wrong about one thing: the disenchantment and disappointment in the con man was even faster and greater than we had predicted. He has so turned off the "wedge group" that gave him the edge last time, it will not be recoverable in any round two for the "Give Hope Another Chance" man. He will remain the most disappointing President in US history, on record as promising more than most, and falling far shorter than others in his deliverables. His trust quotient is irretrievably shot among the narrow group of people that gave him the margin for victory. Next time they'll go to the bar, not the polls, saying let his buddies on Wall Street that he gave billions to, vote for him. Go ahead, find us a mainstream media calumnist with a better record of predictions...

Now do you know why virtually no one - except Israel - voted for Canada for a seat at the UN, on Oct. 12, 2010...

Remembrance Day - Oct. 12, 2010

Here are some "Quick Canadian Facts" which seem to have escaped leading Canadian politicians, civil servants, and of course, the eternally toadying calumnists
of the Mainstream Media...

In all six tries, since the UN was founded, when Canada sought world approval to gain votes for a seat at the Security Council, she was overwhelmingly elected to join the table of the elite nations of the world.

An unmistakable acknowledgment of the profound respect Peoples of the World had for the fundamental decency of Canada and Canadians, which endured, undiminished, from 1945 till 2006.

It was a tremendous shock to all Canadians, including to the toadying calumnists of the mainstream media - it shouldn't have been, to anyone who reads stuff other than their friends' columns - when, on the seventh try - by the Harper Government, in October 2010 - the votes for Canada were so abysmally lacking - reflecting hostile world opinion - that the Canadians ignominiously quit the race, and slinked back to Ottawa, rather than countenance a truly awful losing vote, and the biggest slap in the face by the world community, in UN history...

(In fact even here, as always, the Harperites followed US advice, which was that Canada better withdraw, fast, to avoid a disgraceful finish in the vote, which their polling showed was the certain conclusion - hell, even the US reps knew they weren't voting for their Canadian "pals." Canada would have been lucky to end up with a dozen votes... and that only if Israel voted four or five times...)

In 2006 Canada, under the code-name "Eager Beavers" sent its first shooting soldiers (today numbering some 3,000 combat troops) to help George Bush and his friends to kill ("our job" - Gen. Hillier) Muslims ("scum bags" - Gen. Hillier) in Afghanistan, as part of the Coalition of the Willing to do the Killing (CWILLKILL), because virtually no other country around the world would join the Bushite race war that would ultimately kill tens of thousands of helpless Muslim women, children, and men.

Hey kids, did you know?

Of the 14 most populous countries in the world all refuse to have their Armed Forces shooting up Muslim citizens in Afghanistan, as part of George Bush's CWILLKILL, with the US being the only exception.

China refuses; India refuses; Indonesia refuses; Brazil refuses; Pakistan refuses; Bangladesh refuses; Nigeria refuses; Russia refuses; Japan refuses; Mexico refuses; the Philippines refuse; Vietnam refuses; Ethiopia refuses...

Guess how many voted for Canada for a seat at the UN?

In fact not a single one, including the US Obama administration.

Obama, a liberal, opposed the Iraq war and torture of Muslim prisoners, two private passions of the Harperites, who feverishly promoted Canadians shooting up both Iraq and Afghanistan...

... and then Duuuhhh, expected to be given a seat at the Security Council by the nations of the world...

Hey kids, did you know?

There are 22 countries in the League of Arab States...

Not one of them has its Armed Forces shooting up Muslim citizens, as part of George Bush's CWILLKILL, in Afghanistan.

Guess how many voted for Canada for a seat at the UN?

Hey kids, did you know?

There are 5 Muslim countries who are neighbours, and bordering Afghanistan.

Not one of them has its Armed Forces shooting up Muslim citizens, as part of George Bush's CWILLKILL, in Afghanistan.

Guess how many voted for Canada for a seat at the UN?

Hey kids, did you know?

There are 54 countries in Africa...

Not one of them has its Armed Forces shooting up Muslim citizens, as part of George Bush's CWILLKILL, in Afghanistan.

Guess how many voted for Canada for a seat at the UN?

Hey kids, did you know?

There are 44 countries in Asia, the world's largest continent...

Not one of them has its Armed Forces shooting up Muslim citizens, as part of George Bush's CWILLKILL, in Afghanistan.

Guess how many voted for Canada for a seat at the UN?

Hey kids, did you know?

There are 35 independent countries in North and South America, all Christian, and a mix of European, Latino, and local Indian stock.

Of them all, only Canada - and the US - have their Armed Forces shooting and killing Muslim citizens in Afghanistan, as principal members of George Bush's CWILLKILL.

Guess how many of the 34 countries voted for Canada for a seat at the UN?

Sorry kids, wrong. Not a one, as even the US voted for Portugal, not Canada...

Hey kids, did you know?

That Israel does not have its Armed Forces shooting up Afghanistan as a member of George Bush's CWILLKILL...

But it's certain Israel voted for Canada for a seat at the UN. In fact it's the only vote in the world Canada could count on, with - according to US insider media - not even the US, which the Canadian Government has been slavishly sucking up to, voting for Canada.


"The world is a place rich in natural beauty and cultural diversity, but also one where many are still deprived of their basic rights.

FIFA now has an even greater responsibility to reach out and touch the world, using football as a symbol of hope and integration."

Hey Kids, did you know? That there are 208 members of FIFA, the International Football Association founded in 1904. It is often called the "United Nations of Football."

In December 2010 FIFA members issued what were universally denounced, by western mainstream media, as stunning defeats to the Soccer World Cup bids of Britain for 2018, and the US for 2022. Britain got only 2 votes out of 22. Guess how come...?

Britain and the US are the founding members of CWILLKILL and have their armies busy orchestrating the race war against Muslims in Afghanistan. Their bids were soundly trounced in favour of Russia (over Britain) and Qatar (over the US), neither of whom have their armed forces conduction a race war in Afghanistan.

Elementary kids, but you won't read this in the western European mainstream media... They prefer to say it's just those creepy, crooked foreigners paying bribes to creepy foreign officials.

It's a lot more simple than that. The vast majority of the people of the world are just plain sick of the European military (CWILLKILL) rampaging around the world killing people to gain economic and political advantages from helpless Third World countries on behalf of its corporate and tribal elites. So they get in their licks when they can...

As a grumpy sports guy crossly pointed out, "an entire sporting generation now has to pass before western Europe can host the planet's most watched sporting event." Compare that to the tens of thousands of Muslim women, children, and men, killed by CWILLKILL nations Britain, the US, and Canada, who will never, "see anything" ever again...

"We'll get those creepy UN guys for this... Who'd want one of those crappy medals that sissy Lester got anyway?"

Go to What Steve thinks of Sissy Lester

Prime Minister Steve Harper in his "pre-Security Council glasses" days, with his hand on his gun and wearing his "western gunslinger" garb, which he puts on every chance he gets... ("It's Steve's favourite outfit," enthused his Chief of Staff, privately, when promised anonymity, "A gift from his hero, GW. He likes to wear it just to annoy that left-wing pinko Obama."

(ed. "GW" is insider, affectionate pal lingo for former US President George Dubbya Bush, a more famous, and much more deadly gunslinger from Texas, of whom Steve is notoriously envious because he has far more Muslim notches on his gun.)

No hope for a Security Council seat for Canada in his life time as Prime Minister of Canada. But his legacy, as an "eager beaver," charter member of George Bush's CWILLKILL, is secure for the Ages...

He has killed more Muslim women, children, and men, by far, than any other Canadian, or group of Canadians, in History.

Harper, before he was Prime Minister, had been one of a small rump of raging racists (Raging Rosie, Wacko Wente, Creepy Christie, Illiberal Iggy, etc.) who led the mainstream media campaign to convince Canadians to join Bush and Butcher Blair's unilateral war against Iraq, which the people of Canada universally opposed, following the leadership of then Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, who strongly refused to be drawn into a race war by whites against Muslims in that troubled country. Canada stayed out, refusing to become members of CWILLKILL (Mar. 2003). The Harpies fumed...

When Harper became PM (2006) with only 37% of the vote, he was determined to make up for lost time on the killing fields of Afghanistan...

Quickly mobilizing the "Eager Beaver" contingent of CWILLKILL he succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, and the world noticed, and remembered...

World leaders already had a dim view of Steve for other reasons...

Steve Harper's "Skip to the Loo"

So kids, it must be pretty obvious by now the world thinks it's a race war that George Bush's CWILLKILL is conducting over there

That Canada's proudly at the heart of it... (read "Raging Rosie the Racist" diManno and "Creepy Christie" Blatchford of the Canadian MM)

All the shooting and killing was/is being instigated by the guns, shells, bullets, bombs, missiles, and drones, of white European Christian members of George Bush's CWILLKILL, from the wealthy countries from half-way around the world.

And all the dying is being done by poverty-stricken, non-white Muslim women, children, and men.

It's what the world saw - even if the Canadian MM missed it completely - and why it voted its displeasure at Canada...

Now a pariah nation at the UN, like Germany was at the League of Nations in the 1930s.

In fact the Nazis who had constantly denounced the League, for hostile anti-German votes, angrily withdrew Germany from the League in 1933.

The Harperites have similarly dissed the UN, for years, and when the UN responded with a stunning "No vote to Canada," there was talk among many right wing extremists that Canada should just stop "participating" in the world body, along the lines of "Who the hell do they think they are?"

In 1957 Canada won its only Nobel Peace Prize, for Canadian Prime Minister (to-be 1963-1968) Lester Pearson, whose peacemaking skills were credited, around the world, with preventing the outbreak of what observers called a potentially "catastrophic war."

Go to that Sissy Lester

That's Lester left, a profoundly decent, and humble humanitarian, who defined Canada as "the Peacemaker" for the world, during the entire 20th century, shyly showing his wife Maryon, the Nobel Peace Prize which he was proud to accept for Canada.

And on six different occasions that Canada asked the Nations of the World for their votes to win election to a seat at the UN Security Council, she was elected six times. Six for six...

In the 21st century, what a cataclysmic descent to hell in a hand basket, for Canada's reputation in the eyes of the world, the pages of History, and its legacy to Posterity.

In fifty years, from honourable peacekeeper to "eager beaver" member of George Bush's CWILLKILL, and from Nobel Laureate Lester Pearson, to keeping company with Hitler.

Which is exactly how the vast majority of the world looks at the company Canada is keeping of late...

It is a truly awful and revolting legacy which has been bound to Canada and Canadians by the Harper Government, and which will, for our lifetime, define Canada for the Peoples of the World.

The damage is so absolutely acute, that no one alive today will ever see Canada recover to the level of rarified respect she enjoyed around the world in the 20th century.

"And that's just fine with us," snort the Harperites...

Please give me lots more to throw up about...


Now do you know why no one voted for Canada for a seat at the UN,
on its seventh - and first ever failing - try?

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