Racist Opinions Show Obstacles that Face Canadian First Nations - 5

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Ipperwash Primer
Ipperwash is on a sandy beach along a long stretch of Ontario summer holiday shoreline, just south of Grand Bend, Ontario. The Stoney Point Reserve, including the site of Ipperwash Provincial Park, was confirmed by the Crown to belong to the First Nations people of Kettle and Stoney Point in the early 19th century.
By 1936 highly questionable dealings, involving land speculators and government officials, had severed Ipperwash Provincial Park from the Stoney Point Reserve. In 1942 - during WWII, the remaining huge block of territory was seized by the Canadian Government for an Army Camp to train soldiers for combat. The Stoney Pointers were evicted. Promises to return it to its rightful owners at war's end were never kept.

In July 1995, a group of women and children in a bus drove into Camp Ipperwash to occupy it. The Federal Government knowing they were on morally, and legally weak ground, withdrew after 50 years, leaving the Stoney Pointers in possession of all 2,200 acres.

On Sept. 4, 1995. a group of men, women, teenagers, and children walked into Ipperwash Provincial Park, after the Park had closed for the summer and the tourists were all gone...

Everyone wondered, what would "hard-liner" Mike Harris, just elected Conservative Premier of Ontario, do?

You can't please everybody...
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