This television series won an astonishing number of international medals and awards - an unheard of 80 major awards at American international television festivals, including 29 Gold and Silver Medals, not to mention 31 Bronze Awards - during a period of 18 months in competition with the best programs from around the world.

To find out why this series won so much praise read about all the innovative techniques we used to make the series such a colossal hit with viewers click below.

Program Innovations 1


2008 DVD Release


A Whale of a Tail

Whale Watching in Newfoundland

Join us to watch humpback whales in Newfoundland and find out why Newfoundlanders, who once saw the whales as the fisherman's enemy, have come to love and respect these great creatures.

Born to Run

The Return of the Dog teams

We travel to northern Ontario and Quebec to find out why people are re-discovering the joy of sled dogs for racing and for expeditions.

The Magic of Winter

Québec Winter Carnival

Join professional artists from all over the world who celebrate the beauty of winter by creating spectacular art from snow at Quebec's International Snow Sculpture Competition.

  What an Ice Canoe!

A Canadian Winter Tradition on the St. Lawrence

Join ice canoeists in a race across the ice-clogged St. Lawrence River, as they battle their way over ice floes, through slush, across open water, and beat their way against high tides. This annual race that celebrates the bravery of those who used to deliver mail and supplies along the river, is surely one of the most grueling events on earth.

Gold Fever 1

Ho for the Klondike

Join Alaskans and Yukoners as they compete in a race over the Chilkoot Pass and down the Yukon river to Dawson City, following the Gold rush trail of 1898, and reminiscing about those who came this way a century ago.
  Gold Fever 2

Panning for Yukon Gold

Join over a hundred competitors from all over the Yukon as they compete in the Yukon Gold Panning Championships and tell the story of a century of gold panning in Dawson City.
In Search of the Colossal Fossil

Dinosaur Hunting in Alberta

Join dinosaur enthusiasts in the hot, dry Badlands of Alberta, where they spend their holidays working alongside world-famous Canadian paleontologists, and fulfill their lifelong dreams of digging up real dinosaur bones.
  Westward Ho the Wagons

On the Trail of the North West Mounted Police

Ride with 800 people in 80 covered wagons and on horseback for 200 km. across the open prairie, as they follow the route of the
North West Mounted Police who came west in 1870 to establish law and order and quell the whiskey trade in the wild Canadian West.
Spring Fever

The Spring Waterfowl Migration

We join hundreds of birders who came from all over Ontario, enjoy a close look at the tens of thousands of colourful ducks that stop off each year at Presqu'ile Park on the shores of eastern Lake Ontario, to feed before they head further north to their nesting grounds.
  Sailing into the Past

Tall Ships at Discovery Harbour

At Discovery Harbour, visitors explore the history of sail on the Great Lakes as they become ship's crew, and learn to sail tall ships on two replicas of the historic ships, the H.M.S. Tecumseth and the Schooner Bee.
The Field Behind the Plow

The International Plowing Match

Join us for a nostalgic trip into Ontario's rural past at the International Plowing Match, the largest outdoor farm show in Canada. You'll be mesmerized as you watch 50 teams of magnificent draft horses and their plowmen (and woman) competing to plow the straightest furrow.
  Fish Story

Return of Trout and Salmon to the Great Lakes

Follow the story of trout and salmon, from hatchery to fishing derby, and find out how Lake Ontario has been turned into one of the world's finest sports fisheries, through human intervention. Get a close-up look at the viscious sea lamprey, that has invaded most of the Great Lakes, and still poses a threat to the rejuvenated fishery.


The  Saskatchewan Will Never Die

New Life for an Old Ship as a British Columbia Artificial Reef

Witness the sinking of Canadian naval destroyer HMCS Saskatchewan in Nanaimo to create an artificial reef which enriches the underwater habitat and attracts scuba divers from all over the world.

  Go Fly A Kite

Explore the spectacular world of modern kite-flying, and meet kite-fliers from all over the world at Canada's largest kite festival held each year in Quebec.

Whitewater Dreams

Take an exciting look at whitewater kayaking and canoeing through the eyes of people who love to ride the waves.

  Escape From the 20th Century

Join historical re-enactors as they once again push back American invaders during the War of 1812 in the Battle of   Stoney Creek.

Birds, Birds, More Birds, or Bust

Spend a fascinating week at Point Pelee, a world-famous birding hotspot, to find out why birders from all over the world come here each spring.

  World Beneath the Waves

Explore historic shipwrecks at Kingston, Ontario, with scuba divers who have learned to appreciate Canada's cold water diving.

Drifting Down the Wind

Find out why hot air balloonists must be experts on wind and weather, and why they always carry a bottle of champagne on board.

  Highland Heavies

Find out how the Highland Games began, and meet heavy events contenders who love to toss the caber, and throw their weight around.

No Guts, No Glory

Join us at a small town rodeo to find out what drives ordinary people to become weekend cowboys and cowgirls, and why anyone would want to ride a bull.

  The Trent-Severn Waterway

Explore the historic waterway with its lift locks and marine railway that are unique Canadian engineering achievements.

Wind, Water, and Waves

Find out why dinghy sailors wouldn't trade their small sailboats for the grandest yacht in the world.

  Weekend Warriors

Explore the gruelling world of downhill and cross-country mountain bike racing.

Ballet on the Rocks

Find out why anyone in their right mind would want to lower themselves over the edge of a cliff, or climb straight up a steep rock face, just for fun.

  Wilderness Playground: The Niagara Escarpment

Explore the beautiful Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail, a public footpath created and maintained entirely by dedicated volunteers.
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