THE MAGIC OF WINTER - a 2008 dvd release

From the "Outdoor Adventure Canada" Series

"Outdoor Adventure Canada" is a series of 26 programs celebrating Canada's outdoor heritage that were shot all across Canada. Programs for the series won an astonishing 80 international television awards, including 29 Gold & Silver medals, at leading American Film & Television Festivals.

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Quebec's Historic Winter Carnival - Part 1

The snow sculptures, created at the world-famous Carnival, by some of the best artists from around the world are shown from start to finish, as the sculptors explain what they are trying to show with their works of art. (DVD Cover, left)


"Wow! We really enjoyed the feature you did on the Quebec Snow Sculpture. Very tight editing and action-packed!"
- Peter Vogelaar, Canadian Olympic Snow Sculpture Champion, Winlaw, BC

"We have of course seen many programs on our Winter Carnival but yours are by far the best we have ever seen. It is easy to see that the people who made them have great affection for the people and traditions of Quebec. Merci!"
- Program Executive, Tele-Quebec, Quebec's Educational Television Channel


For a week in February, thousands of "art-lovers" tour the dozens of huge scuptures, as Bonhomme (above, right), the mascot of the Winter Carnival, encourages everyone to have a good time. Sculpting went on, non-stop, all day and night for a week.

(Left) André a famous sculptor from France, with his First Prize winning, 12 meter high sculpture, "Woman in a Hurry."

snow scupture Leader of the Canadian Olympic snow sculpture team, British Columbia's Peter Vogelaar, (below left) scored an unheard of artistic triumph at Quebec's Winter Carnival by winning all three top First Prizes (Judge's Prize, Artist's Prize and Public's Prize) for his masterpiece "The Snowflake" left, which shows an old man, trying to be young, with his hat on backwards, looking at a snowflake through a magnifying glass, and seeing intertwined, the maple leaf, the fleur-de-lis, and hearts, to show "we love you Quebec".

Peter won the Public's Prize again, a week later in the international competition with "Time", (above right) depicting how his overworked team, (two huge sculpting projects in just over a week), was trying to hold back the clock, so they could do a good job.
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