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A Final Desperate Move: Lots of the Canadian boys killed in Kandahar never wanted to join the military out of choice.

Many did it out of simple desperation as, with only a couple of years of high school education, and living in a poor area of Canada, they couldn't find work to support their families.

So, for the sake of their families, they joined up, and gambled... with their lives...

A poster child, of this big group of hopeless, and desperate men and women, was the first Canadian killed by the enemy in Kandahar, Sgt. Rob Short, from New Brunswick, who was 42.

Bemoaned his devastated widow, left to raise a child on her own:

"With no other education, what other choices are around? There were very few. Rob never graduated high school … he couldn't get anywhere with no education — and he wanted more for our family.

We barely could live day to day, month to month. We didn't know if we were going to have a place to live, put groceries on the table.

He was tired of living like that. He did this for our family."

- Rob's widow to the Globe & Mail, Toronto

Instead of Rob becoming the saviour of his wife and child, by joining the military, his widow confessed to a journalist, the death of her soldier husband had created a downward spiral that destroyed his formerly close-knit family, and sundered apart the loving network of in-laws that existed when he was alive.

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The obvious moral - Don't let Rob's death be in vain...
Don't allow yourself to become roadkill

Stay in school and get an education. So you can get a job - like the generals, politicians, and journalists have - where you don't have to risk your life to feed your family...

Can shoot off your mouth with jingoistic rants, to your heart's content, without personal consequences...

And stay alive to reap the rewards and honours, on to a ripe old age...

Instead of just getting a passing minute on Remembrance Day...

And leaving your kids behind, to scrounge around, trying to find another bread winner to bring them up...

Here's a Novel Thought...

Why not ship our generals to the States...?

And our Privates, Corporals, and Sergeants in Kandahar
back home to their Sweethearts, Moms and Dads...?

And how about alive... instead of in boxes...?

Or can we never foresee a day we will give up Remembrance Day...

And replace it with Dedication Day...?


Remembrance Day - Many Happy Returns...

All those - like former Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and former Conservative Provincial Premier Frank Moores, who take the millions handed out by fellow war profiteers and promoters like Karlheinz Schreiber, both over and under the table... Right the wonderfully evocative - isn't the smarmy look perfect? - recent official House of Commons portrait of the former Conservative Prime Minister in a customary business pose.

And those other arch-conservatives who rake in the big bucks, pocketing tons of dough, by writing books bought with the blood of Canadian boys and girls, none of whom - many are dead - will benefit. Written from the safety of Canadian shores, these war promoting and profiteering books are nothing, if not a shameless exploitation - for oodles of cash - of other people's misfortune, whose trials and tribulations they discuss and profit from, as these unfortunates sweat, struggle, bleed, and die, for peanuts, or less, in Afghanistan.












ecause General Hillier - famous for bragging to the press that he would kill his way to victory - listened too much to Rosie and Christie - Canada's chief war promoters - he ended up being the first Canadian general in history to lose a war.

Renegade General...

Big Mouth; Big Ego; Big Bucks - General Hillier whose book on the war in Afghanistan has just been released, shows what a totally dangerous, undemocratic force he is in the Canadian military, and in Canadian civilian society generally.

Both Toronto Star headlines summarize the view of Star editors that this man - unlike previous Canadian generals - was not going to take orders from anyone, on anything. And certainly not from his civilian masters. In the book, and in his interviews, he openly displays the contempt he makes no secret of hiding, for both his Canadian political bosses - who represent the people of Canada - and his NATO overseers, who also have democratic responsibilities to their voters.

Hillier makes it clear that he is a man out for only himself and the war he promotes to bring in the big bucks for his lobbying masters and the only people he seems to respect anymore, his former allies in unilaterally starting an unjust war, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney.

And it substantiates the view first published by CTV in October 2008, that Hillier was going to be sacked. Everything he writes and says in interviews makes it clear the government had to dump this wild man who was totally out of control in his greed to get what he wanted done.

He has become the perfect lobbyist like those lionized by Canadian and American war profiteers...

His recent book and interviews make it clear this Renegade General is angry at his civilian masters and wants to shift the blame to them for a disastrous war adventure that he promoted with all his being since he came on the scene - and since he left it, dismissed - if you can believe this by his bosses of the most right wing Canadian government in history. Governments who traditionally love making war on anyone if there's a buck to be made by their business partners. But this general was too extreme and self-promotional even for them...

But give him credit for seeing it coming. Which is why he jumped ship - at age 52, and after a for-shortened term as Canada's chief soldier - leaving his successor to handle a failing mess he had orchestrated for the men and women who make up the Canadian Forces.

The 131 dead young Canadians are his legacy, more than anyone else's.

But, his publicist assures us, the far superior number of Afghan dead, of men, women, and children, makes this a very worthwhile investment. And one we should continue to build on.

But not all is lost. A number of Canadians have started turning the corpse into cash...

War Profiteering Generals - General Hillier, who's never written a book in his life, whose vocabulary doesn't extend much beyond "detestable murderers and scum bags" and whose previous self-declared job description was "our job is to be able to kill people," you know, sort of like Al Capone, has now quickly rushed to produce a book that turns the blood of Canadian boys and girls into personal profit.

They're dead, DEAD, DEAD, while Hillier says he will keep on working for another 10 to 15 years, at guess what?

The Hillier War for Fun and Profit

Promoting the Hillier War and raking in the big bucks as a lobbyist for the foreign armament dealers and contractors, for whom he made billions of dollars by requisitioning war materiel to carry out his "killing spree" in Afghanistan.

It's become a huge problem for Canada and Canadians, one which the media never exposes - generals who are all temporary civil servants, on short term contracts, before they go to work, raking in the big bucks, for fifteen or twenty years, as lobbyists for defence contractors who love promoting war and making the Canadian taxpayer pay for the fun and games.

So two or three years at the top offers a great opportunity to set yourself up in the after life, just around the corner, with by far the biggest income earning years of your life still ahead.

Say it's a solid investment in decades of retirement, rewarded with millions in lobbying fees from cackling war profiteers grateful for contracts on many huge helicopters, many huge transport planes, tanks, armoured cars, guns, bombs, and ammunition.

All for the 74th smallest armed forces in the world.

It's exactly the same crowd that lobbied the NAZIS, to get fat industrial contracts to build the trains to carry Jews to the death camps, the showers to gas them, and the crematoriums to burn the remains. And the facilitating lobbyists (including generals) get a piece of the cut for using their influence to make sure the contracts only go to the most deserving industrialists... You know, like Karlheinz Schreiber...

The only difference is, these are ours; those were theirs (meaning the Germans, the other partners in the NATO force of European Christians carrying out war against the Muslims of Afghanistan.)

War Profiteering Journalists - Journalists are every bit as opportunistic at turning dead veterans into cash. Christie Blatchford of the Toronto Globe made a killing - sorry - by publishing a pro-war book about Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

In stark contrast to Canada's War Promoting and War Profiteering Authors - Hillier, Blatchford, Bercuson - Great American Humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Al Gore, whose new book "Our Choice" - which lays out a master plan for fighting climate change - will earn millions of US dollars for him, is not keeping a nickel for himself...

He is donating ALL the proceeds to a non-profit organization leading the fight against global warming.

There is no greed in his heart, nor blood on his hands. No intent to benefit from a tragedy befalling others... Or promote further bloodletting...

In a country where sales of 5,000 are considered a best seller, Christie, on her calculator, figured that with 100,000 keen members of the Canadian Forces (including reservists), most of whom would buy, this book would be a block buster. True to predictions it is billed as a "National Bestseller." Good gut instinct Christie!

Left the shrewd and calculating Blatchford whose columns have unashamedly boosted the war to help sales from the beginning. You know, keep the war going, keep those sales coming in.

You go girl...!

And no! - perish the thought - the proceeds from the book don't go to the widows and orphaned children of deceased veterans, over whom she gushes tears, but to flush up Christie's bank account. And so, coming up: Cancun, Botox, and a more high class internet Dating Service, than she has been able to afford...

War Profiteering Professors - And let's not forget University Professor extremists like Dr. David Bercuson - who has openly and wholeheartedly promoted the war.

He has repeatedly taken big dollops of cash from Canada's Department of National Defence - from who else we can't say - to go on "research" trips to Afghanistan so he can promote and justify all the killing that Canadians are doing there - he's given space in the Globe and Mail right beside Christie. At least the good professor admits taking the handouts, in a sidebar addendum to his articles. Probably the Globe insisted on disclosure after they read what he wrote, and felt, no way could they pass off his rant as journalism. It was clearly something else...

That's the scary looking Doctor Death right. If I were a Taliban, I would convert to Christianity, like right now...


Hey, and don't say it doesn't pay - big time - to come from the same place that the Prime Minister - the most right wing PM in Canadian history - has his electoral riding, and who also attended the same University of Calgary, which the professor uses as his pulpit.

We suggest a makeover - mentally and physically - for the professor. But we fear it's too late; he's lived in isolation in the wild west too long... And *&?%#¨ happens to people who do that... No wonder he's way out of line with what most Canadians think about the Afghan war he's been promoting for years.

A Reader Comment to one of the Dr. Death's numerous war-mongering tirades the Globe and Mail eagerly publishes monthly:

6/8/2009 1:26:27 PM "Okay, so Bercuson's latest pro-war apologia attracts 20 negative comments, and zero positive ones.

At the U of C, this is probably what they call a split in public opinion.

War-Profiteering Lobbyists & Bribe-Taking Civil Servants - Karlheinz Schreiber, famous in Canada as the war-profiteering payoff man, for international arms manufacturers, did all Canadians a huge favour by exposing some of the top Canadian federal and provincial politicians - including a Prime Minister, his former Chief of Staff, and a Premier - to whom he had paid out nearly 30 million dollars in "success fees." (Karlheinz gave us the proper terminology for the "payoff when the bribe worked.") You know, the same kind the Karzai brothers take in Afghanistan (from the CIA and others.) But the Karzai boys are less hypocritical than Canada's unctuous business and political elite, and openly admit they're bribes, and don't invent fancy terms to cover opportunistic greed.

Bad Idea... Very Bad Idea...

It has been suggested that in Canada we should do what they do In China, shoot civil servants who take bribes, and then sell their body parts...

This just would not be acceptable in Canada...

No, not because we would have to shoot too many... but that the body parts would be far too inferior in quality to be useful for transplants...

Mysteriously, one thing the Inquiry and Karlheinz did not make clear. And no media journalist of any kind tried to find out the obvious (the skittish media owners, with friends in high places, have some doors they just don't want their scribes to open).

Namely, to which top civil servants in Ottawa did these outed politicians, in turn, pay bribes to, to make sure their departments purchased war materiel from Karlheinz's armaments manufacturing patrons. Just how does this lobby chain work to funnel Canadian tax money to their bribe givers?

looking like the cops are gaining on them, Karlheinz who paid, and Mulroney (a huge book "On the Take" written by Stevie Cameron, documents his legacy), and his business partner, Fred Doucet, both of whom took... lots...

Karlheinz, who paid off Canada's top politicians, multi-millions, for some 20 years, and ought to know what he is talking about - he was a personal guest both at Prime Minister Mulroney's official residence and private home and has a personally autographed photo given to him by the grateful PM - told the Parliamentary Ethics Committee another shocker.

As we speak, he said, multi-millions are being paid to the same people he paid, to make sure that the clients they represent as lobbyists get the arms contracts going to their patrons. And Canada has spent some 20 billion dollars in the past few years on war materiel. This means tens of millions of "success fees" have been going to "lobbyists" to promote war hysteria, to cause Canada to fight in Afghanistan, in the cause of huckstering war materiel sales. Well, they will admit, too bad about the collateral damage - we mean the killing of young men and women in the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan. After all it's for a good cause... right...

But then, everybody knew that already; we just hate to hear our politicians and civil servants being exposed for what they really are, behind the scenes, and under the table.

PS. Don't call these war mongers hypocrites for wearing poppies. They're truly grateful for the soldiers who sign up to die for their country. And making them rich beyond compare.

Sorry, we keep drifting off on all these war profiteers, and forgetting...

As well as piling up bodies of Canadian young people, and thousands of Afghan men, women and children, the Afghan War does pile up Canadian political capital with the US ruling classes... and fellowship with war profiteers extraordinaire George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld.

Oh, and isn't this exactly where we all came in... to Afghanistan...?

They do what they do for their bags of cash, lobbying dividends, their book revenues, their free trips...

We remember Canadian Soldier Robert Short because he died to feed his family.

The Shockingly Unpredictable Surprise - NOT

Top Canadian Military Officer - The Colonel who is a
Serial Killer, Serial Rapist, Serial Home Invader

In February 2010, one of Canada's top military officers, Col. Russell Williams, was charged with murdering two women, raping two more, and two home invasions - for a start...

He was the Commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton, the jump-off base for Afghanistan, and the place to which the 140 Canadian war dead were are brought back with great solemn ceremony. The Colonel routinely saluted their coffins...

The Military Commanders and the Media professed total shock and wondered how this was totally unpredictable...

Only total idiots - read the Military Brass and Media on the Afghan file - could profess to be this naive, when the corporate culture of the military is so caught up with the leadership mantra praising fighting and killing as their corporate raison d'etre. Below the "tip of the iceberg" that the military couldn't cover up...

Surprise #3 - There has been murder by soldiers in Afghanistan.

Surprise #5 - An officer is charged with murdering an Afghan prisoner-of-war.

Surprise #7 - In Cyprus, where the Canadians military had won near Sainthood status, for its decades long, Peacekeeping duties that kept warring Greeks and Turks apart, so they could solve their problems peacefully, today its name is mud. Canadian soldiers returning from Afghanistan, accosted a man's wife in a bar, and when he sought to defend her was assaulted with a bottle that required hospitalization and stitches. They were charged.

Surprise #9 - In Toronto, three military men, murdered a vagrant, as a warm-up drill for one of them who was to leave for Afghanistan on the morrow, and attempted murder on a woman who sought to intervene to stop the killing. The soldiers jangled military dog tags in the civilians' faces, shouting, "This gives us the right."

Surprise #11 - The Colonel - a good Christian married family man - charged as a serial murderer, serial rapist, serial home invader.

All produced in the new Canadian Military, gaining pride from following General Hillier's call to "fight and kill" their way to self respect.

Only weeks after we warned that rape and violence against women was a chronic problem in the Canadian Forces - and was probably related to the death of Major Michelle Mendes - one of Canada's top officers, and an Air Force officer at that - was indicted not only for two rapes, two home invasion, but two murders as well.

All just the normal result of doing business in General Hillier's call to imprint the Canadian Forces as a bunch of American wannabe, Rambo-like killers.

There are countless other Canadian victims of General Hillier's call to killing and violence as the dominant corporate culture of Canada's Armed Forces...

"We are the Canadian Forces and our job
is to be able to kill people."
- Canadian General Rick Hillier (July 14, 2005)




Why did Major Mendes die?

We raised this question in November, 2009 with the following analysis.






Neither Canadians, nor her family, ever received proper answers to troubling questions.

Why did she do it?

There are only three brutal possibilities, all extremely disturbing...

1 - Was she a nut bar? Then who made her a Major in the Canadian Forces? Then why was she praised by senior commanders? And why was she sent to Afghanistan in a senior position? For the second time?

2 - Was she stressed out from being forced to fight in an unjust or useless war, that poll after poll shows, the vast majority of Canadians strongly oppose?

Many soldiers and family members of men who have been killed, have spoken out on exactly this belief, a sentiment that is also widespread among many soldiers who have served in Afghanistan and come home to speak to friends and relatives.

Pvt. Jonathan Couturier, #131 of those killed, was hardly the first or only one to protest from the grave.

3 - Was she sexually assaulted by a senior officer, and when she reported it, told by her superior generals to forget it, that boys will be boys, and are in a war zone, and so not responsible for what they do under stress, that she should learn to live with it, they would not carry her complaint any further, or take action against the guilty party?

And for the sake of her career, she would be well advised to keep quiet and not undermine Canada's war effort with a big exposée at this crucial time.

Confronted with all that, it would only be a matter of time till the next time...

Was she forced to live in fear? An unbearable fear...?

Top Canadian General Maurice Baril, one of General Hillier's predecessors as head of the Canadian Forces, admitted to Maclean's Magazine in 1998, that sexual assault in the forces was a big problem that needed solving.

The magazine reported, astonishingly, that over a dozen women victims had approached its reporter - on guarantee of anonymity - with personal horror stories of suffering rape in the small community that is the Canadian military.

Clearly the tip of the iceberg.

RAPE - the ultimate macho crime.

Does anyone wonder what happened to the rape index in the Canadian Forces since, with its new Afghan campaign emphasis on recruiting brawling, macho, fighter types, whose main job description is fighting (it's hugely emblazoned on all the Armed Forces recruiting buses and TV ads) and killing (General Hillier's personal call to recruits)?

Four months after we posted this article, on Remembrance Day, one of Canada's top military officers - and a fine married family man - was charged as a serial murderer, serial rapist, serial home invader...

4 - Today Canadians are asking a new question. Was Major Michelle Mendes murdered by a Canadian senior officer, and was it covered up to protect the military senior commanders from being found out? Clearly there has been a giant cover up in the death of Major Mendes.

Whom does it involve? Was it to cover up rape? Or murder? Or both? Canadians want answers.

5 - The final concern - There appears to be some question on whether these developments will harm Colonel Williams' next promotion to general. The military feels these distractions should not harm the career path
of a good officer, and a gentleman...

Si Monumentum Requiris, Circumspice
(If you seek their monument, look around you... across Canada)

Their wrong-headed passion created the graves of over
130 Canadian privates, corporals, sergeants from the Canadian Forces.

It is why the vast majority of Canadians have always opposed the participation of the Canadian Forces in this wrong-headed foreign adventure.

And their numbers are growing...

(Sorry Afghans were never involved, and had nothing to do with any of this - they were, in fact, the last to find out about the invasion and occupation of their country.

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Stein, Lord Roberts - Brantford, Ont 1900
Orig. stein - Size - 31 cm
Found - Aberfoyle, ON
Mfg - TJ Fair & Co. Ltd., Sole Manufacturers Brantford,
Ontario, Canada

Throughout history, invading armies have always managed to find local collaborators to prop up as the "legitimate" local rulers "who invited us in." The age-old pattern repeats in Afghanistan.)

It will remain, for all time, the most disgraceful and worst misuse of the Canadian Forces in history...

But don't think any of that will stop the outrage. They'll keep right on getting young Canadians killed, because it's good for business...

And two more young victims were added to the indefensible death toll, on Sept. 7, 2009 - 129, 131, 132, 133...and climbing...

And for what? The growing pile of bodies accomplishes nothing for Canada, or Afghanistan...

It is something Lord Roberts understood 130 years ago when he made his celebrated March from Kabul to Kandahar.

Lord Roberts knew what no Canadian general, politician, or ruling class sage, has been capable of even remotely understanding - a smart general knows when not to fight a war, and when not to occupy a country. And he knew Afghanistan was exactly such a place.

But then there is no Canadian diplomat, or tourist journalist (yes we mean Rosie and Christie), let alone a general, who knew Afghanistan like Lord Roberts did.

So Bobs' wisdom saved thousands of both British and Afghan lives. This ultra-humanist general also stopped the British treasury from wasting astronomic sums on war expenditures, while, thanks to the advice of modern Canadian generals, year after year, the Canadian Forces continue to kill thousands of Afghan women, men, and children - not to mentions scores of young Canadians - and burn up billions of tax dollars in explosives, that could have been used productively in Canada, for caring for the sick, the poor, the disadvantaged, the elderly, the young, for social services, education, and health. But then, that's not the bag, or in the interest, of modern generals or the wealthy ruling classes...

Someone smart, and responsible, should have been putting on the controls here, years ago, and pulling back the mad dogs of war...

Clearly, Bobs, from on high, is shaking his head with disgust...

So who says we're smarter than we were 130 years ago?

And corporate greed and political machinations any less avaricious?

Bobs became, by far, Canada's most popular general ever.

The fabulous stein produced in Canada by Canadians in his honour, in 1900, shows us the huge regard Canadians had for this victorious Victorian general.

Go to Memorabilia for a Canadian General

It is also a reminder that no one is remotely thinking of producing a similar memorabilia item for any current Canadian general.

Go to Lord Roberts of Kandahar

Why can't Canada have smart generals anymore, like Lord Roberts, who was enormously successful in Afghanistan, where all his successors continue to fail miserably, exactly because they fail to understand Afghanistan and its people the way he did.

A Dishonest, Dishonourable & Disastrous Debacle from Day One


We Protest the Death of Trooper Karine Blais - Killed in Afghanistan, April 2009, at 21, just days after first setting foot in that wild and distant country.

She offered her life - not her dead body - to be of service to her country, which betrayed her...

Canadian generals squandered her offering, uselessly, by putting her in the line of fire in Afghanistan. They took the light from her eyes, and then sent her dead body back to her parents, saying "Take her, she's no further use to us." But as a parting gesture, they promoted the dead girl to corporal... Well that at least gives her a pay raise...

Lamentably she will never, ever, be able to do anything for Canada, her family, or friends, let alone fulfill her dream of marrying her partner "Kermit," (below right) and starting a family with him that she spoke of to friends when they last saw her. She will never see her dog Molly again, or get to start a business she dreamed of doing in her home town of Les Méchins, Quebec.

No wonder her family ordered the flag of Canada - whose generals and political leaders sent their daughter on a useless mission that killed her - removed from her coffin. Instead she was carried to the grave yard covered with a minimal, little used Canadian Forces flag.

Tragically, Canada and Canadians failed her...

Truly, their flag was not worthy of her sacrifice...

Karine's uncle, Mario Blais, in an emotional eulogy, that reflected the feeling not only in the small town, and the province of Quebec, but people across all of Canada, said that it was time to pull Canadian troops out of Afghanistan, and feared his niece had died in vain.

A day earlier, another Canadian woman soldier had died in Afghanistan under troubling and mysterious circumstances which the Canadian military tried to hush up for the longest time.


Major Michelle Mendes right committed suicide, only days after returning to Afghanistan for her second tour, after spending a leave with her husband...


























































Right from Day One, God has let it be known, in no uncertain terms, that He is not, in any way, shape, or form, on the side of the white, European Christian troops of NATO, in their war against the non-white Muslims of Afghanistan.

September 2009, might be a rude time to point out that 8 years, and billions of dollars, after the Americans unilaterally (OK with Britain) attacked Afghanistan, the NATO military achievements are at their lowest ebb ever.

And their top generals admit it. They're failing at killing, something Americans have the world's best record at - well, OK, after the NAZIS...

Their worst month of casualties in 8 years, at the hands of the Afghan pajamahadeen using homemade devices and the most primitive style of warfare in the history of mankind, was July, 2009, surpassed only by the following August...

The worst month of all turned out to be October 2009, when more US soldiers were killed than any month since the Americans launched their invasion in 2001.

This is the success Canadian generals, and the Canadian mainstream media, have been bragging about for years... and squandering an unending stream of young Canadian lives for...

The gung-ho Canadian military followed their own "Killer Hillier" from one disaster to another.

Till US War Secretary Gates said "Enough," and sent them packing, along with a cryptic but pointed private aside to Dick Cheney, "Hell Rosie and Christie are their best fighters. If we had another platoon like them this war would've been over long ago."

The long bragging Canadian generals have been sent packing to Kandahar proper where they can't get in anyone's way anymore, as the Americans take over the responsibility for the sector of Afghanistan that General Hillier had turned into a disaster zone for the Americans, the Afghans, and over 130 dead young Canadian soldiers it took to create it...

Pte. Jonathan Couturier was #131 killed in Hillier's War. Like the vast majority of Canadians he thought - his brother claims - that the mission "was a little useless and that they were wasting their time over there," and that "he didn't want to go." The haunting look in his eyes is devastating... He knows what's coming...

In the topsy turvy world of the Canadian military he was smarter than the generals who commanded him.

Tragically he became a victim of their stupidity. Canadian deaths, as he - like most Canadians - foresaw, were "useless" and an "awful waste." His own death occurred only because Canadian politicians are afraid to buck the special interest groups that promote the war, and refuse to fulfill the wishes of the vast majority of Canadians who want the troops brought home now, before more useless deaths of young Canadians occur.

A tragic confluence of the planets and an unfortunate assembly of misanthropes brought these young Canadians an early death.

They, not the Taliban, pajamahadeen, whatever, fighting to defend their families in their own homeland against foreign invading Christian soldiers from half way around the world, are responsible for the deaths of these Canadian young people.

Not to mention countless thousands of Afghani men, women, and children.

- crafty politicians who wanted to please their American mentors because it's good for business,

- rapacious US captains of industry who are planning to build a pipeline to carry oil across Kandahar and need military protection,

- wily American imperialists who wanted a strategic attack pad on both sides of Iran, from which to launch the coming invasion,

- racist anti-Muslim interest groups who see killing them as a step in the right direction any day of the week,

- "killer" generals who saw a good opportunity to get away from the infernal traditional Canadian "peace-keeping" sissy work, to fight in a real war, and kill real people instead of just targets cut-outs on the tank range,

- toadying journalists who dream up good sounding slogans to excuse massive bloodletting by exclusively white European Judeo-Christian soldiers in a totally non-white Muslim country.

They have conspired together to create a monument for the Ages...

Remembrance Day, 2009 - The Dead Soldier's Regret - Poems 2

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Lillian Rosedale Goodman (1887-1982) and Vivian Holt: "Whispering Hope" 1920

One of Canada's early recordings, "Whispering Hope," sung by Lillian Rosedale Goodman (1887-1982) and Vivian Holt, and recorded in Montreal, Quebec, in 1920.

"Whispering Hope" was an extremely poignant song to Victorians, as their boys left family sing songs around the piano for South Africa, perhaps never to join the family chorus again. More than a few tears must have accompanied the "comforting" words, "Wait till the darkness is over, wait till the tempest is gone. Hope for the sunshine tomorrow, after the shower is gone." Thanks to politicians and their bagmen cronies, the wait is eternal.

For I Am Dead

The Dead Soldier's Regret

The leaves no longer rustle in the trees,
No laughing children round my knees,
I have a sight which no longer sees,
For I am Dead

My kinfolk loaned me, while I was well;
You sent me to that Afghan hell,
And shipped them back an empty shell,
For I am Dead

Don’t tell my kin how proud you are,
That I died for cause in Kandahar;
Is it not just more than a bit bizarre?
For I am Dead

Don’t offer me your hollow praise,
That might have helped in my living days,
Or prop me up for your patriot displays,
For I am Dead

Don’t raise to me your empty toast,
Belie my service with your pompous boast;
My vibrant being’s now a ghost,
For I am Dead

Don’t cover me with your showpiece flag;
It’s only a piece of fabric rag;
My big toe’s tied with the meaningful tag,
For I am Dead

Don’t rue me on Remembrance Day,
Give up just a minute of your day;
Just go on with your usual play,
For I am Dead

And you, at the highway overpass,
Who gawk as the parade of hearses pass,
Stay home, and save your gas,
For I am Dead

Your signs and flags give me no cheer,
No solace from your sometime tear;
Go home, and drink your beer,
For I am Dead

So save me all the mournful sighs;
I chose the path to my demise,
When I was young and most unwise,
So now I’m dead

Instead, grieve innocents, in a land afar,
For the many I killed, in a useless war,
Yes, the women and children, in Kandahar,
For they too, are Dead
... DEAD... DEAD...

Go to Lest We Forget

Go to Remembering Joe Barfoot

Go to Reconsidering Paardeberg Day

The Afghanistan Remembrance Day picture you will never see. The dead child of the big time war promoters like leading politicians, jingoistic millionaire industrialists, bloodthirsty generals, and loudmouth media columnists, who urge others to send their kids to do the dying… No Bush, no Clinton, no Mulroney, no Martin, no Ignatieff, no Schwartz, no Reisman, no Asper, no Frum, son or daughter, would be caught dead in Afghanistan… They all stay safe, back home, where they reap the rewards: fat pensions, retainer advances, speaking fees, huge book revenues, bags of cash, and Senate seat sinecures...

Go to Boys at War

Go to Pipsqueak Generals

Go to a Brave Canadian Soldier

5 Million Dollars Compensation

We believe that the Government and People of Canada should pay wrongful death compensation to every beneficiary of a Canadian man or woman in the Canadian Forces who died in Afghanistan.

Numerous wrongfully imprisoned people have received millions in compensation, for only a few years in a nice Canadian prison:
- David Milgaard 10 million (SK)
- Stephen Truscott 6.5 million (ON)
- Thomas Sophonow 2.6 million (MB)
- Clayton Johnson 2.5 million (NS)
- Simon Marshall 2.3 million (PQ)
- Steven Kaminski 2.2 million (Can Gov)
- Randy Druken 2.1 million (NF)
- Donald Marshall 1.6 million (NS)
- Greg Parsons 1.3 million (NF)
- Guy Paul Morin 1.25 million (ON)
- Herman Kaglik 1.1 million (Gov Can)
- Benoit Proulx 1.1 million (Gov Can)

The greatest misuse of the Canadian Forces in history, leading to the entirely predicted wasted lives of over 130 Canadian soldiers, should clearly be a case for criminal and/or civil litigation by lawyers representing the rank and file.

The helpless victims - some of whom knew their lives were being wasted by their superiors - died only because of the malevolent instincts of their civil and military leaders, and their clear failure to practice "due diligence," before dispatching them for clearly partisan reasons, entirely without the approval of the House of Commons, and in direct opposition to the clear wishes of the vast majority of the Canadian people.

It was done to profit special interest groups of all kinds.

Canadian military lobbyists, who have made hundreds of millions from a war in Afghanistan which the vast majority of Canadians have opposed from the beginning.

Propagandizing professors who get all expense paid trips by the military in exchange for promoting the war.

Journalists and generals who have made a killing - sorry - writing books about this Great Canadian tragedy.

All of them can now spend their millions and live high in fat city, while...

Over 130 Canadian boys and girls lost their lives, thanks to a totally dumb and wrong-headed war, set up by their dumb politicians and generals, all of whom were demonstrably more stupid than the average Canadian voter, about this most sordid chapter in modern Canadian history.

Still, those pandering to the special interest groups - in spite of their wretched mistake - will grow old and fat on their pensions and retainers from war contractors.

The boys and girls who paid the ultimate price, for the grievous mistake of others, get a cold grave, and a minute on Remembrance Day.

Utter shame... Indefensible shame...

Compensation for the wasted dead is the bottom line. Soldiers have every right to be used properly by their political and military leaders. When used with clear and demonstrable negligence aforethought - let's just make that stupidly - they should sue the Government of Canada.

A $5 million lump sum, for the wrongful death of each Canadian veteran, killed in Afghanistan, is a small price to pay out of over 20 billion that no one had a problem finding to kill Muslims.

Let's see if politicians and generals believe the praise for the dead heroes they constantly talk about. Or are just blowing smoke, as many suspect...

Let's see if there is really genuine remorse for dead veterans in Canada, or just personal riches for the wealthy, ruling classes... and hot air for everyone else...

Here is a poppy as a down payment for the many more Canadian Forces men and women, privates, corporals, and sergeants, who will die in Afghanistan from hostile action because of their combat operations, in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015...

You can thank the inspiring words of John McCrae... whose poem, "In Flanders Fields," was a clear and passionate cry for revenge, and a pleading call to renew the bloodshed, and to "take up our quarrel with the foe..."

He was heard...

Go to John McCrae

Every year, on Remembrance Day, people go through the motions, and take a minute, out of their year, to remember veterans of past conflicts who gave up their lives in wars that their politicians have arranged.

And politicians, who are more to blame for the deaths than anyone else, demand to be in the front line of those laying wreaths, and speaking pompous platitudes, for the lost generations of young people, then go off to plan sending the next batch to a premature death... on behalf of their business cronies...

And then there are those people saluting the hearses that carry Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, from the airport in Trenton, ON, to the morgue in Toronto...

It was all too much for our Poet Laurier...

Why, he asks, are all these people making a show of paying their "respects" for people who can't see, or benefit from their ostentatious display of "concern?"

Why isn't all that effort - and all the money - going to preserve the cause to keep the living alive, both Afghans and Canadians. And billions more needy people in other parts of the world?

Instead, Canadian politicians, businessmen, and industrialists, have arranged that tens of billions of dollars be spent to buy war materiel - from guess whom? - all for only one purpose, to kill Afghan Muslims, untold thousands of whom - women, children, and men - have died at the hands of Canadian soldiers, slavishly following the dictum of Canada's top general, who, early on, announced to the world the reason for the Canadian Forces going off shooting in Afghanistan.

"We are the Canadian Forces and our job is to be able to kill people."
- Canadian General Rick Hillier (July 14, 2005)

It certainly goes a long way to explaining why Afghans are fighting back, big time, in bigger numbers, and with greater effect, with every passing year... to reclaim their homeland from the foreign white Christian invaders... like Canada's General Hillier who openly and proudly said he was coming over to command a death squad to kill Afghan "people."

"Anyone who goes into another person's country to kill people, is a criminal."
- Trooper Joe Ekins - 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry

- Trooper Joe Ekins, famously credited with three German tank kills in 12 minutes during the Normandy Invasion, in his concluding summation at the end of Norm Christie's Battlefield Mysteries program, "Who Killed Michael Wittmann?" (Produced by Canwest Global & Ira Levy, Peter Williamson)

In another program Joe repeats "Michael Wittmann was a criminal," for shooting up a foreign country.

Michael Wittmann, who had over 160 tank kills to his credit, was also one of Germany's top tank commanders of World War II, and doing superlatively better at an art for which Joe himself is (only) famous for 60 years later.

Wittmann should have picked a better side...

Many noted Hillier's careful choice of words. "People" of course, includes women and children. And they have been killed in Afghanistan in huge numbers by the Coalition forces and the hell they have unleashed. The UN says more civilians were killed in 2009 than ever before.

"One person's collateral damage, is another's fiancée!"
- Linda McQuaig, Toronto Star

And presumably, since local people are bound to shoot back at foreign soldiers who do that, this will ensure a steady supply of sacrificed young Canadians that we will have to remember, on Remembrance Day... Good creative thinking General Hillier...

Yet most of the people on the highway overpass support the general's promotion of the killing of Afghan Muslims, and wish for more of the same.

The Afghan War, started by George Bush and the American industrial complex of business opportunists, has been going on longer than World War I and II combined, and the white Christian guys are losing - big time - to the local Muslim pajamahadeen.

God - in spite of what good Christians like Rosie and Christie would have you believe - is not always on the side of the Christians. And this time He has good reason.

But do give them all credit where it is due...

In wonderful fulfillment of the credo of Canadian General Hillier, who bragged loudly that "our job is to be able to kill people", tens of thousands of Afghan Muslim women, children, and men have been shot, exploded, dismembered, and burned to death. Untold hundreds of thousands of others have been maimed, disfigured, and blinded for life, thanks to over 20 billion dollars worth - and growing - of Canadian bombs, bullets, and shells unleashed in Afghanistan. And this year - after 8 years of war - civilian deaths, according to the UN, are worse than ever.

Above the headline on Oct. 3, 2009, after Canadians killed a 14 and a 16 year old, callously dismissed by a Canadian general, in a press conference, as "fighting age males." Just how many 14, 15, and 16 year-old "fighting age males" does the Canadian general have in his forces? Just another example of why Canadian generals are held in such contempt, at home and abroad...

This Canadian Globe article, with his words, is now posted on Arab language web sites all over the world. So Canada is becoming famous...

No wonder more and more Afghans, and increasing numbers of the 1.5 billion Muslims, world-wide, hate Canadians more and more every day, and new recruits flock to the Taliban, with vengeance in their hearts, and IEDs in their pockets. Canadian generals, like the drone happy, wedding targeting Americans, are clearly feeding the insurgency, with their hateful words, as well as their deeds...

But, on Remembrance Day, especially, we should never forget, there are real benefits to Canada, see below.

All because of the destabilizing destruction of a horrific war that war profiteers like George Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, and their Coalition of the Willing to do the Killing (CWILLKILL) have imposed on Afghanistan. Still, God is seeing that they're losing the fight to the local Afghan patriotic "rebels."

In desperation Canadian and American generals cry we need to change our strategy immediately. Oh, and what do they suggest?

"We need lots more troops to win" shout the generals leading CWILLKILL. Win what? They can't say.

Just like generals going way back, just more troops to do more killing...

All of this, of course, is a no-brainer, which is where generals come in... With a few hundred thousand more American and Canadian troops, the military situation might change, a bit, for a time. The killing of Muslims would certainly increase. So, it's not all bad... At least that would make Hillier, Rosie, and Christie, happy...

And the people on the bridge agree.

Hypocrisy? Stupidity? Revenge? Christian religious fervour? Or all of the above...?

Or, as our Poet Laurier suggests, they just want more parades and time off work...

Hey, we can guarantee, lots more coming up, of both...

Take up our quarrel with the foe...

Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King was notorious for consulting with spirits, and his dead mother, to decide on in which direction he should guide Canada.

We know, for a fact, in spite of all the smoke and mirrors, that Prime Minister Harper is also consulting with spirits, and is looking up, and consulting with John McCrae left, Canada's most famous war poet, on whether he should pursue peace in Afghanistan - as most Canadians want - or more war and bloodletting - as his rich and powerful corporate friends want.

Alas, John is also Canada's most famous "war-mongering" poet, writing a ringing plea for revenge, and urging his countrymen to keep the butchery going in the name of the already dead...

Which is why the Prime Minister has taken a special shine to McCrae of late. His closest advisors assure us that he has already taken McCrae's advice.

"Take up our quarrel with the foe;

To you from failing hands we throw, the torch; be yours to hold it high,

If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep..."

Prime Minister Harper has assured John that he can soon count on getting a good night's sleep, that in spite of what he reads in the media, about the Canadian "shooting troops" pulling out of Afghanistan by 2011, it's all bluff...

He's going to keep the shooting troops in Afghanistan, long past 2011, to keep the fight going...

He's just asked John to be patient, that he's just waiting for the right opportunity to announce to Canadians that he has rededicated the Canadian Forces to continue dying in support of the George Bush war against the Muslims in Afghanistan.

Exactly like Obama - you know, the Candidate of Hope for Peace - who has resolutely kept the Bush war, the Bush team, the Bush policy, the Bush bloodshed, in place.

And Harper, who never really liked Obama before, is now taking a real shine to him, because he finally realizes what he is: Bush in "blackface"...

There never was any doubt that Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, would do anything other than ratchet up the bloodletting. After all he is born and raised an American. He is beholden to the same wealthy industrialist class that directed George Bush to invade Iraq and Afghanistan and are urging an invasion of Iran, and a possible "incursion" into Pakistan. All coming, in good time to a CNN outlet near you.

Many more Americans, and Canadians will die. And lots more Muslim women, children, and men, will perish at the hands of violent men and women from the Americas...

Thanks to the team of McCrae and Harper - the pen and the sword - an unbeatable duo...

Guaranteed to make Remembrance Day relevant, for years to come...

The malevolent lying continues after Remembrance Day

Some School! Some Teachers! - Several years after the Canadian Government swore Canadian soldiers were now only doing training, not search and destroy killing combat missions, the media (national and international) reported exactly the opposite, on November 21, 2009, bannering Canadians Begin New Push to Clear Taliban from Towns.

If this isn't aggressive warfare, that Canadians have been told their troops are no longer doing, then what is?

The statistics tell the story. "Operation Hydra, the action involves 1,000 Canadian soldiers working alongside some 200 Afghan National Army fighters." (web quote)

In Canada we usually have 1 teacher to 35 students.

In Afghanistan the reverse is true, with the so-called Canadian "teachers" outnumbering the Afghan "students" 5 to 1.

Clearly this is a school for pro-active killing and they're not trusting the Afghans to do it, using 5 guys to watch every Afghan so-called trainee...

Clearly this is a Canadian killing operation with a few Afghans along to watch... Notice too how the Canadians are "working" while the Afghans are "fighters."

General Hillier did not write this article. He didn't fool around with words. He openly said his boys and girls had a job to do as "killers" and was why Canada had sent him to deal with "detestable murderers and scum bags" - his characterization of Afghan freedom fighters.

We ask you... Would a man like that worry about - or welcome - torture by Afghan authorities of people he himself viscerally denounced as
"detestable murderers and scum bags?"

Oh, we almost forgot, Canada and Canadians get something more out of it...

IEDs, planted by angry Afghans have killed most Canadian troops.

Right one such improvised explosive device, consisting of an anti-tank mine and four huge artillery shells connected by detonating cord, to be exploded together as soon as an "enemy" appears nearby.

Canada has done its very best to make sure the green and junior members of its Armed Forces are exposed to this stuff.