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The Peace Carol - Bob Beers words & music

        D                              Em
The garment of life, be it tattered and torn,
         A7                              D
The cloak of the soldier is weathered and worn.
                Bm                            Em  
But what child is this that was poverty-born,
        A7                            D
The peace of Christmas Day.

         Chorus (twice by Beers Family)                
          D                               Em
The branch that bears the bright holly,
         A7                       D
The dove that rests in yonder tree.
       Bm                          Em
The light that shines for all to see,
         A7                           D
The peace of Christmas Day.

The branch that bears the bright holly,
The dove that rests in yonder tree.
The light that shines for all to see,
The peace of Christmas Day.

A hope that has slumbered for 2000 years,
A promise that silenced 1000 fears.
A faith that can hobble an ocean of tears,
The peace of Christmas Day.

Add all the grief that people may bear,
Total the strife, the troubles and care.
Put them in columns and leave them right there,
The peace of Christmas Day.

It's on their Seasons of Peace CD

Below, the entire world knows what Canadians are doing this Christmas in Afghanistan...

As true in 2010, as it was a year ago, when this page was written. Canadians are reported to be heavily involved in a final big killing spree in Afghanistan, before they will become merely "trainers" of teaching Afghans how to kill other people more efficiently. This new phase will least till 2014 - we predict longer...

"We're the Canadian Forces and our job is to be able to kill people."
- General Rick Hillier, (July 14, 2005)

"They said that killing isn't our job, but I asked myself, why do they think we spend millions, even billions of dollars a year on equipping, training and building air, land and sea combat units? Why were we attracting, enrolling and training to a fever pitch so many fine young Canadian men and women, equipping them with the best weapons systems that we can find, putting them together as teams and leading them?"

"Why did they think we have artillery, automatic cannon and precision-guided bombs and missiles on our ships, aircraft and vehicles, if not for when our country orders us to go and kill bad people?"
- Gen. Hillier - Calgary Herald, Oct. 24, 2009

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

No one in Canada has made a more joyful sound in music, of any kind, than the Beers Family of Fox Hollow fame, New York, in the 1960s.

We used to hear Bob, Evelyne, and daughter Marty singing at Fiddler's Green and other venues in Toronto in the late 1960s. With Bob plucking the psaltery.

General note: Popular on the folk circuit in the 1960s, the Beers were sent in 1968 by the U.S. Dept. of State on a tour of India, and once played for the White House in 1969. In 1966, they also began the popular Fox Hollow Festival in upstate New York.

Bob Beers (1920-1972) died far too young, killed in a car accident.

Evelyne Beers died in October 2009, in Toronto, where Marty still lives.

The Beers Family sang the Seasons of Peace, at the White House in front of Richard Nixon, who was mired down in the Vietnam War, and no doubt squirmed uncomfortably.

But Bob also left behind one of the finest Christmas songs, and superb, all around Hymn to Peace, ever written.

We offer Bob's Peace Carol in the same vein to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who will keep the Canadian troops shooting Afghan women, children, and men, all through another Christmas (2009). And very probably next Christmas, and the Christmas after.

No Canadian has ever encountered a politician they can trust... or who matches up to the lives lived, of Bob and Evelyne Beers.

Bob & Evelyne Beers,

We offer a Merry Christmas
to the grieving families of the over 2,000 Afghan civilians
- women, children, and men -
killed by Canadian soldiers and their NATO partners in 2009.

And a Happy New Year
to the thousands of Muslim women, children, and men
who will die in 2010, because of NATO aggression...

If only they had been born Christians, or Jews...

At home children are used as props to boost General Hillier's War

Note the mindless use of the label "Paardeberg" in the Canadian military. In actual fact the Battle of Paardeberg was the first time in history that Canadian soldiers launched direct attacks with artillery, machine guns, and rifles, on an exposed wagon camp of 4,000 people, that they knew for a fact, sheltered hundreds of women and children. But to them - a century ago - they were only Boers - AND FOREIGNERS, NOT CANADIANS - and so, in General Hillier's mind think, OK to kill...

Go to the Real Paardeberg



"I think Santa and me can help the troops if we work together."
- six year old Dakota Lee Allen

Mercifully, the impressionable six year old Dakota Lee Allen is not exposed to images of all the blown apart women and children in Afghanistan. The patriotic Canadian media bosses censor from the papers the many pictures of mangled women and children killed by the carnage unleashed by the NATO forces in Afghanistan.

It may be shocking to some to learn that only 4,000 Boer fighting men died during the Boer War, but 26,000 Boer women and children died as a direct result of war operations. Many starved to death like Lizzie van Zyl right. The ratio of innocent civilians killed, compared to enemy soldiers, approached 7:1. To soldiers, like Canada's General Hillier, this is merely the cost of doing business. It's a soldier's job, as he sees it.

All facts and pictures of these civilian casualties were censored from the Canadian media of the time.
Everything that was published about the war against the Boers was highly patriotic. Anything about the huge civilian death toll among civilians was hidden from the good folks back home.

Exactly the same media censorship is going on in 2009, about the huge toll of civilians killed by Canadians and their NATO partners. Why, first because the media barons that run the media are Judeo-Christian and don't think Muslims are human beings like the rest of us; secondly it would make the war look bad instead of glorious, worthy, and wonderful.

Like 100 years ago, the media's task is to orchestrate public opinion behind the politicians and special interest groups that profit from the war.

In 2009 over 2,000 civilians were killed according to UN figures. President Bush in Blackface has sent 30,000 more shooting soldiers to Afghanistan.










President Obama, the first Black President of America, has disappointed most left wing pinkos by not only keeping former President Bush's policies, and key advisors, but actually stepping up a war everyone thought he had pledged to wind down (increased troops in Afghanistan, more drone strikes than Bush.)


So look for lots more women and children killed by NATO forces in 2010. In fact the body count of dead civilians may be six to seven times more than that of fighting men killed. Like in the Boer War, Lebanon Massacre (2006), Gaza Massacre (2009)...

In modern warfare, being a woman or child relative of a Muslim fighting soldier, is more dangerous than being a combatant... much more dangerous...

So the killing of civilians (women & children) will increase...
which will make lots of people happy...
like General Hillier, and Rosie and Christie...

And a Happy New Year to you too...

Copyright Goldi Productions Ltd. - 1996, 1999, 2005

Christmas Day, 2009 - Bob & Evelyne Beers - 1960s - Poems 3

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