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Great Canadian Portraits

20th Century Ontario Farm - 1950-2000

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

Who has ever painted a finer and more glorious portrait of an Ontario farm? A daringly huge and riveting watercolour of a special moment on a rural farmstead. What painter has matched the "magic hour" of a passing storm with such consummate artistry and emotion as Art has done here; one can literally "hear" the picture: the softly sighing wind, rustling in waves of across the meadow grass, a distant tin from the barn roof rattling incessantly, a loose board banging somewhere, and the loudly shrieking, coils of gulls roiling up in alarm at the menacing sky.

A brief burst of light has lit the scene wondrously, skipping across the tops of the grass and illuminating the decaying old farmhouse, the silo, and barn who have seen and heard it all before, countless times. But like so often across southern Ontario, the clouds pass swiftly by; Art has already caught the edge of a clearing sky. The magic hour will momentarily be gone...

But not for us, thanks to the artistic wizardry, and sensitive ears, eyes, and emotional centre, of Art Cunanan.

Spring on the Farm, Art Cunanan 1988
Orig. wc - Size - 19" x 28.5"
Found - Port Credit, ON
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A Winter Evening, Art Cunanan 1988
Orig. wc - Size - 16" x 23"
Found - Port Credit, ON
So many colours to ice and snow, in another large and mesmerizing watercolour. But above all, the feeling, the sounds, the atmosphere, for all those who grew up, close to the land...
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

The Rusty Roof, Art Cunanan 1988
Orig. wc - Size - 10" x 26"
Found - Port Credit, ON
The end of summer is swiftly approaching as a fall sky brushes by overhead. The grass is parched; an elm has lost all its leaves, and a farmer can't afford to repair a rusting - and probably leaking - roof. Farmers and starving artists have something in common in this moody reverie about an Ontario farm.